diary of a manic obsessive.



tonight was awful.

i started out the night by making two great little dream catchers, in hopes of making many more & fueling up my old etsy shop once again...

then, the arguing, yelling, accusing & resenting started.

i can't stand being in the same room with my parents sometimes. the start of it was me, staring at my crafts, concentrating on my beading, the hand work, while, childishly, rolling my eyes every so often or scoffing at something either of them said...

now, my battery is going to die & i'm NOT going downstairs to get the plug i stupidly abandoned...

i'll write more later.

sorry to be cryptic...

doesn't luv it...


  1. Hey girl I'm a new follower here, I found you via the Novelista Bartista. You make dream catchers? I'm obsessed with dream catchers. Fire up the ole etsy shop!!

    Ohh I hear ya on parents. I live with my parents too so I can save some cash. It's really hard to find the space, time, & breathing room when you live them sometimes.

    I hope you can salvage your night!! *hugs*

  2. oh am sorry girly :( I am excited on the thought of you opening an etsy shop though, I want to see what you do!!


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