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marquee: Valentine's Day

I just saw Valentine's Day with my Ma & Em Butthead Sis Piece. We went for, yes, Valentine's Day, which also happens to be my Ma's bday [& that dog, Holly - who is 3 today!].

The movie was really cute. i enjoyed it. The cast, obvi, was brilliant & I'm really falling for Jennifer Garner, especially after last nights movie & then today. She's just so adorable!

in case you don't realize the magnitude of the cast in this movie, here are the players:

Jessica Alba    Bradley Cooper
Jessica Biel    Eric Dane
Kathy Bates    Patrick Dempsey
Jennifer Garner    Hector Elizondo
Anne Hathaway    Jamie Foxx
Queen Latifah    Topher Grace
Shirely MacLaine    Carter Jenkins
Emma Roberts    Ashton Kutcher
Julia Roberts    Taylor Lautner
Taylor Swift    George Lopez

See the movie, even if you are an anti-Val Day/ hata, trust me.
it's a really sweet movie with something for everyone.
[yes, even you Negative Nancy's!]

i'm even starting to really like Jessica Biel who, since her departure on 7th Heaven & her desperation to be anything BUT Mary Camden [aka taking the sluttiest, bitchies, most obnoxious roles & becoming a sex symbol w/ a "ass of gold"] i haven't been really able to stand, but, in this, i REALLY liked her!

have you seen it? what did you think? 
Any other movies to add to my marquee that i just can't miss!?

luvs it*


  1. aww, I want to go see it, glad you liked it.... :)

  2. I planned on watching that movie too, but it was sold out, unfortunately. Anyway I so want to watch Dear John, have you seen it?


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