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ur wish: Michelle*

"My wish is for my husband & myself to go on a real honeymoon.

Because we got married right before Thanksgiving, we didn't really have time to go anywhere for very long. We decided to go to a place we vacationed a lot while we were dating & stayed there for 2 days. It was amazing & we had a really good time, but I can't help but wish we had had a chance to go somewhere & stay for a longer period of time. Somewhere neither of us had ever been & would let us share the experience of "our place." 
We have looked into different places to go, but with the economy being so bad right now (on top of our 2 college student budgets) we can't exactly afford the vacation of our dreams. 
So, what I wish for is a chance for my husband & myself to go somewhere exotic & beautiful for a honeymoon. 
He deserves it & I think it would be fabulous to take a break from the reality of studying, writing papers, & all of the other day to day delimas."

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luvs it*


  1. oh i need to think up a good wish- this is a great idea!

  2. do it! i wanna hear everyones wishes!!!


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