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marquee: The Invention of Lying

i just watched The Invention of Lying. it was sooo good. Ricky Gervais was adorable &, like always, hilar. Jennifer Garner is so cute & she really was the perfect choice for this role. Jeffery Tambor was great as the awkward "crap boss", Jonah Hill was sweet, but really, pretty sad, as the suicidal "loser" naighbour & there are just tons of cameo parts by tons of my favourites.
[whom i won't tell you, so you can be surprised!]

if you haven't seen it, you really should! it's so good!

have you seen anything really great lately? 
have any recommendations for my *movie marquee*?
luvs it*


  1. I wanted to see this, I will check it out, I like some movies I have seen lately like when in rome, and leap year...they were good..

  2. such a funny movie. that man can do no wrong!

    I watched mighty ducks 1 2 and 3 last week... does that count as a suggestion? It was as brilliant as it was 50 years ago lol


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