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book two: Glass

Glass by Ellen Hopkins.
book two is done, & February isn't over! I'm ahead of schedule to meet my goal of 12 books in 2010!
this book is the sequel to the book Crank that i read last year.
the story is good, but what is really interesting about them, is the way it's written. when i read Crank last September, i posted about the intoxicating text format & the addicting rhythm it provides.

if you haven't read these books, i suggest that you do. don't be deterred by the size of the books [over 600 pages], they move along very quickly.
make sure that you start with Crank.

have you read it?
what did you think?
[any books to recommend
i add to my list of "to read",
please comment them! 
-you can also see my 
virtual book shelf here!]
luvs it*


  1. Ooooh girl you're doing so well! I have a goal to read 12 books in 2010 too and I've done 0! Oh dang. Thanks for inspiring me a little more!

    Little Miss Paige

  2. So I'm a complete bookworm and I really recommend The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay. It's about boxing, courage, and growing up in South Africa. Its the most inspirational book I've ever read, and I've read it at least a dozen times! :)


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