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rando: Want a Felon?

has anyone seen this sidebar ad on facebook?
i mean... is it just me... or does this look like a mug shot?
like... sure, some days i do "want a boyfriend"... but i'd rather not have to either see him through bullet proof glass, or wait for him to catch parole!
like... right!?
where do they find these pictures? Does this guy have any idea that he was paid to take a photo for a dating site, that ends up looking like he's just been arrested?!
so ridiculous!
luvs it*


  1. ha hahaha hey thats my boyfriend back off!

  2. I keep getting a punch of facebook ads for baby products. I must be friends with all the wrong people. I'd way rather look at that hot guy. Even if it is a mug shot!

  3. TOTAL mug shot! Two of my friends just started up on match.com and I want thme to go on lots of hot dates...but if they look like that maybe not

  4. [to NB] - you WOULD go for the mug shot guy. haha

    [to JenRem] - i know what you mean, worst ad i ever saw said "22 & overweight?" - it was then that i knew i needed a diet. if facebook was seeing my photos & telling me something...

    [to Sarah] - haha, he shouldn't have looked so damn mean then!

    [to Juliana] - i've done match... i met some nice guys, but overall i was disappointed...

    luvs u all!

  5. LOOL!!! I gues the pic is NOT the best, but he is NOT that bad.



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