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a letter from Spanky: Profile Picture

i may be growing tired of my profile image:
so, i'm thinking that i wanna change it. Unfortunately, i haven't taken any good photos of myself in a while. the same day that i took this pic, above, i took a bunch others.
they're hella old [well, about... two years?! wow...] but i look, basically, the same.
here they are, after i picnik'd them up a bit, for extra spice.
lemme know which one you think i should use! 
[this is what i have now, but i'm rethinking it. does my nose look mondo, or what!?]
[i luv this one, but it doesn't really say "come read my blog".. it kiiiinda comes off as "what the fuck are you looking at?" y'think?]
[i luv this one, my mom hates it. i actually sketched it a while back, i'll have to find that. i think it's got a nice sense of "brush yo' shouldahs off..." swagga-face, no?]

lemme know, i need your heeeellp!
luvs it*


  1. i like the middle one...looks like you've already decided but yea, that's my vote. :)


  2. My favorite is the first one! You have a CUTE nose! :)

  3. The second one looks very 'Olsen Twins', but I like the third one best.

  4. They're all cute! You can't go wrong! xo

  5. I like the new one you picked, very vute :)..


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