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too hot tuesday: Johnny Depp*

Gee... who could POSSIBLY be the Too Hot Tuesday yum-duck on Alice in Wonderland week...

ok, duh.
i don't have to tell any of... anyone... that one of THE SEXIEST men on the f'n planet is, absolutely:
Johnny Depp
helloooo. He made us tear up in Cry-Baby, taught us not to judge too quickly in Edward Scissorhands, entertained us with dancing buns in Benny & Joon, kiiiinda made us wanna vom in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas... but it was ok, because he made it up to us by enchanted us as a hot irish "river rat" gypsy in Chocolat.
He's whisked us off to the Caribbean, invited us into a Chocolate Factory, took us back to Fleet Street & taught us to fly to Neverland... now, on Alice week, he's taking us on an adventure in Wonderland.
[ya... i'd basically follow him anywhere...]
In his 7th collaboration with one of my visionary genius idols, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp will be playing a seriously fantastic role, The Mad Hatter.
[ok, maybe he's not "hot", per-se, in Alice...
but it's it kinda even hotter than he can
be so weirdly magnetic in a 
seriously orange wig? 
maaaaybe it's just me...]

That's not all, homeboy has two films in post production, one filming, two in pre-production & a whopping 14 FILMS in development!
[one of which is, obvi, with Burton again -
Dark Shadows potentially in 2011]

my luvs, i ask you, who else is as freak'n kool as Johnny Depp?
he's so balla, he turned an unfortunate tat into one of the slickest cover ups ever, with a quick ink fix, he makes being a  
"Wino Forever" 
soooo fuck'n hotttttt!

personally, i can't freak'n wait to see what this scorching hot Duck of a Million Masks does next!
what's YOUR favourite Johnny Depp 
movie, moment, character... anything?!

if you have any suuuuper scrumptious photos of this weeks THT, please feel free to either upload them on the Spanky luvs it* facebook fan page, or e-mail them to Spankyluvsit@gmail.com
& always, if you wanna nominate a drool worthy celebu-duck for a Too Hot Tuesday, shoot me a message via e-mail with a few photos, and a short nomination paragraph!

{2 days, 1 hour & 17 mins until 
i fall down the rabbit hole!}
luvs it*


  1. Johnny Depp is sooo hot!! I like almost every movie he has been in!! My favorite movie of his has to be Edward Scissorhands!! I can't wait to see Alice too!! =)

    Hey lady, I'm also currently running a giveaway over at my blog! If you get a chance hop on over!

    Wine Glasses Giveaway!

  2. he's definitely top of the line!!!!

  3. lol...i love all of the pics but the mad hatter one still kind of creeps me out! for some reason it toally reminds me of madonna in that pic! but man...he really is one of a kind!

  4. First hot tuesday I can jumo on board with !!Lol I love johnny depp ;)...


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