diary of a manic obsessive.


"it's get'n hectic in here, it's get'n, chaotic..." -b.spears

there's SO much going on, i barely have the time to write about it, but i HAVE TO!

first things first: As you all know, i can't just post peoples actual NAMES, i have to have nicknames for everyone. I've been posting about Trav as Trav, which, is weird, bc he needs a nickname... i don't think i'll have one for this post, but i'll be working on it.

this is going to be one of those bullshit posts, where i give you a bunch of teasers, promise to write about them all, in length, later, hopefully do, but probably give you more tib bits with lots of apologies.

a) i'm going to Vermont this weekend, driving up to see Hoss.
we'll see how that goes, but i think it'll be fun.
i downloaded Alice in Wonderland on audio book for the 5 hour drive  

b) i'm going to Oklahoma in April to see a very very good friend of mine that i haven't seen in for-everrrr!
[luvs ur face grrrrl, can't wait to seeee you!]

c) i'm DRIVING to Oklahoma rather than flying. Trav is moving to CA [::tear::] as i think i've mentioned & i'm an absolute MESS over it. i've been spending about 90% of my time with him lately, & a light bulb went on over my little blond head!
instead of flying, i'll take an extra day off & drive to Oklahoma with Trav!!!
i'm so f'n excited.
he says that i have to plan our stops.
i don't have the slightest idea where to start!
but.. i know i wanna stay in a sick, crazy, ridiculous, themed motel, like in Goofy Movie or in Rock of Love Bus!


d) i'm planning a trip to Portsmouth, NH with my number one lady face JenBunny for the end of April.

the girl that's never been anywhere is going places, babaaaay!

sorry that this post is hella lame... i'm trying to keep you all up to date, but it's hard!!!

luvs it*

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