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say cheese!

i need a new camera...
one that's going to be a helpful little assistant with taking photos of me in all my cute 'fits, Bazinga Baby while i still have his face to take photos of (heart... cracking... into... pieces...), all my luvly ladies, that dog Holly, life, luvs, & of course, my upcoming roadtrip:
Bazinga & Spanky do America!
[formally known as "Trav & Spanky See America"]

so, anyway... i think i'm going to take a slice of the tax return pie & buy myself a digi cam!
& i'm think'n of get'n this one!

anyone have this cute lil number? 
it's got 14.1mp, 4x zoom [not the best...]
it's SO cute!

i'll let you know if i get it tonight!

luvs it*

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  1. Oohh I have that camera, and I love it! It's very light but takes UH-mazing pictures. <3 Enjoy!


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