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fyi deals: Donkey Tees

stop on by Donkeyts.com to get yourself an awesome Hangover tee [or some other silly tee]. I'm a remote sales rep for this site, So if you don't get to use the "Hangover" code, you can always use:

my favourites are:
[i actually own this shirt. 
i bought it to wear on the plane
home from Vegas last year.
i was actually prettty pissed
that i couldn't find it this morning
to wear to work.

[sometimes they annoy me, 
but, as a rule,
i'm basically kool with
any ironically stated,
obvious shirt.]

sorry that it's a short post right now. i'm even more sorry that i haven't told you *the news* yet, it's actually been the reason that i haven't been able to, bc it's taking up most of my time, & i'm REALLY super sorry that i haven't been organized enough to announce my 100 followers giveaway.
it's all coming, soon enough, but, in the mean time, please enter my mini St. Patrick's Day giveaway!

luvs it*

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