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season premiere: How to Make it in America

i FINALLY caught up with the new HBO show...
it's a 30 min show on at 1030 on Sundays staring my sexy hot future husband [he's # 2 on my list after Shia],
Bryan Greenberg.
probably the coolest thing about this show, is how i heard about it. Straight from the mouth of my future hubby himself! B. Greenberg had Kid Kudi [who plays Domingo] come out & sing a duet with him & then they announced the show at the concert of his i went to with JenBunny last summer. The concert was at the Highline Ballroom in NYC.

it's a great show that really unfolded nicely so far.  It follows B. Greenberg as Ben Epstein & his best friend Cam, played by Victor Rasuk [Stop-Loss], as they attempt to "Make it" in New York City.
i'm personally, so far, in luv with it.
if you have HBO, give it a watch. it's really good & i hope that people watch it so it sticks around.

luvs it*

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