diary of a manic obsessive.



i'm getting that feeling again.
stretched too thin.

no time to do what i need to,
not enough time to do what i want to.
can't keep up with anything.

i have to soak up all the time i can with trav before he leaves.
i feel like i'm dissapointing everyone.

i miss you bloggies.
i WILL miss him so much.

i kinda miss me.

sad face...

sorry, for being depressing.



  1. dont be depressed darling! Enjoy every last minute you have with him then worry about missing him later, dont think about it now, and as far as your bloggies well I cant talk for everyone but Ill be here waiting for your return! :)

  2. Aw, your not being depressing, your being real. Nobody can fault you for telling how you feel. Im pretty sure we will be here when you decide to return. :) Good luck on your road trip!!


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