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Manic Monday: Alice in Wonderland

it's Alice in Wonderland Week!!!!

it's no shock that i'm obsessed with Alice in Wonderland.
you've all seen it here before, it's a pretty obvious obsession
[for me & many others]
but, since the new *Tim Burton* version is coming out shortly, everyone seems to be even MORE manic about the tripped out story of a little girl lost.
so, i'm bringing back Manic Mondays to celebrate:
Alice in Wonderland
As a child of the Disney generation (if that's even accurate), my initial thought of Alice in Wonderland is the, semi-terrifying, 80 min long, animated version from 1951.
i've always luvd the story of the girl named Alice, even if it is a liiiiittle weird...

i luv the imagination, the implied horror & excitement in a topsy turvy world, & the gratitude we can have when we finally get home again.

Of course, i'm not the only one who's found inspiration pouring from the seams of Wonderland.
the Lewis Carroll original is, arguably, one of the most provoking stories in literature, inspiring everything from:


Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit 
[one of my personal fav songs ever.]

Aerosmith's "Sunshine"

GWAR's "Phallus in Wonderland"

Salvador Dali's "A Mad Tea Party"
[collection of Alice in Wonderland inspired images part 1 & 2]

Jewelry, Fashion & Photography

Annie Lebovitz Alice in Wonderland Photos for Dec 2003 Vogue
[more here!]
watch the impromptu Mad Tea Party where Disney released a preview of 
Alice is the New Black 
view other pieces by Tom Binns's Alice in Wonderland line for Disney Couture at Creative Contrast and Boutique for you, & see some of Tom Binn's work as well as more Swarovski pieces at the Disney Store!
[Also, follow @TomBinnsDesigns on twitter for updates on new gorg pieces.]


there is a medical term called "Alice in Wonderland Syndrome" a "disorienting neurological condition" which has symptoms of seeing things in disproportion.
personally, i think i have "White Rabbit Syndrome", since i'm perpetually late!

there are a million other ways that Alice in Wonderland has applied, inspired, enlightened culture, but there's no need to overwhelm!
i imagine whatever is next is going to be amazing...
i can only hope that it's a Cirque du Soleil!

Do you know of any others, that i didn't mention? 
Do you have any fabulous photos, news or links to share?
e-mail them to Spankyluvsit@gmail.com!

Continue with me through Alice in Wonderland week & look forward to reading about my trip down the Rabbit Hole to be posted this weekend 
[i'm seeing the movie Thursday at midnight!]

luvs it*

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