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toones: Sky Ferreira

AmeCakes has been "Listening Around":

for those of you that don't know, AmeCakes is one of my band of DABs 
[down ass bitches].
She used to work with me, but left me this January for greener pastures  
[lol, or... greyer, since she left for the big bad city].
Anyway, at her new job, she's constantly finding out about all the up-&-coming uh-mazing tooones, & she's sweet enough to tell me about a lot of them!
So, here's today's "toones", brought to you by my girl AmeCakes:
Sky Ferreira
she doesn't seem to have anything available to buy yet, but i'm really looking forward to hearing more!
you can listen to her tracks on her MySpace page.
[my fav is def, Happy Dre
a sick rendition of 
Happiness is a Warm Gun,
set to the Still Dre beat.]
AmeCakes has promised to keep me updated on any news of releases, so i'll be sure to relay them to you!
luvs it*


  1. thanks for the heads up I love listening to new things!!


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