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meet: bazinga*

i've been a terrible bloggie bitty, & i'm so sorry. i've missed you all, & i hope you'll understand, when i explain.

as i said, in my relatively cryptic really vague Foto Friday last week,
i have some *big news*!!!
[are you ready for it?]

Spanky nabbed herself a DUCK! 
i'd like you all to meet him, officially...

meet: Bazinga!
yes, Bazinga IS my friend Trav
[funny how things happen, eh?]
the night before i posted the Foto Friday, saying that i was no longer going to Vermont to see Hoss, my BFF [well, i thought he was my BFF], dropped an "F" & made the slick move to
it's a bittersweet story, because as you may have read, he's moving to California on April 9th. -i'll be road tripping with Bazinga, on his drive/move to Cali. I'll be going as far as Oklahoma [stop me if you've heard this one before] & then... he's off. 3,000 miles away.
i seriously do not know what the hell i'm going to do. 
it may get pretty blue in these parts for a while, luvrs.
now is not the time to think about it!

Spanky, why the HELL are you calling Trav "Bazinga!?"
Well, funny story. Trav is one of the only other people i've ever met that also watches the hilarious show, The Big Bang Theory [watch it, luvs it.]. One of the main characters, Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons, as luvd in Garden State.) & Sheldon's favourite "in your face" word is "Bazinga!" - which, like any annoying friends/couple, we like to say... often.

well, that's basically my *big news*. i'm so sorry that i've drifted off to a land of non-blogging. I'm trying, as best i can, to soak up all the time i can with him.
i'm torn, about this, because i feel myself getting more & more & more attached, every damn day. Plus... people such as "She Who Shall Not Be Named" & others aren't too thrilled with us coupling up
[right? fuck them.]
even She Who...'s boyf, who's [supposedly] Bazinga's best friend, chucked my bag on the bar floor "so it didn't get wet from the spilled booze" [ahem... ya, ok....] & then found great entertainment in chucking peanuts at me.... because, y'know, he's awfully mature...
but i'm nervous that i'm going to be a reason why some of his friends, who don't care for me anymore (due, mainly to She Who...) are going to end up avoiding him, because he's always with me.
i've told him that i think it's really important for him to make some time to hang out w/ other friends, without me around, before he leaves. he doesn't seem to agree.
[i don't really know what to do about that...]

We went to NYC on Saturday, to see AmeCakes & to meet up with his cousins. After a shit-tastic night at the local bar the night before [haters be damned!] it was really nice to have the company of people who were "Pro-Bazanky" [pahhh!!!!] rather than so, unrealistically anti.
see the adorable tweet that brightened our lives?
AmeCakes:Out w @Spankyluvsit and her man! They are the cutest, most non annoying couple ever :)
 [& i didn't even have to pay her to say it!]
I'll post more as soon as i can. there is a lot going on, but i've gotta get it, somewhat, sorted out in my noggin, before i can spill it out over this canvas.

aren't we cute, tho?!
luvs it*


  1. Fucking LOVE it!!

    Happy for you darling, really happy. You deserve a nice guy like him :)

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW this is TOO CUTE!!!!!! I luuuuve the pics!!! This is awesome! =D

  3. aww this post is just adorable! Congrats! Has anyone ever told you that you look like Kate HudsoN?

  4. haha, i've heard it a few times, i've actually heard Goldie Hawn too! haha [kates mom]. i've also heard julia stiles, reese witherspoon, & (my fav) an Olsen. [whooop!]

    thanks for the compliment!


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