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Foto Friday: Alice in Wonderland

Are you sick of hearing me talk about Alice in Wonderland yet?! haha

psh! it's Foto Friday, hellooooo!
well, i've shown you many photos, some from my girl Annie Lebovitz, some from good 'ole WeHeartIt.com, but you haven't had a chance to see MINE!

here is a photo that i did as part of a collection for my Digital Photography course in college. The collection was about Fantasy, Fairy Tales, and Folk Tales.

Alice in Wonderland
[i got an A+!]
what's YOUR favourite Alice photo?
e-mail to Spankyluvsit@gmail.com to submit (or to buy a print of this photo! haha!)
luvs it*


  1. I love it!!! Oh I can never get sick of hearing about Alice in Wonderland!!


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