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sent my dreams first class shipping

i finally did it.
i finally had the perfect words, the time, the guts to write to my hero,
Francesca Lia Block
author of Weetzie Bat, Violet & Claire, How to (un)cage a girl [book read #3], & a bazilliondy other amazing books
she's just amazing. i'm so, unbelievably in awe of her.
writing to her has been a goal of mine for sooo long. 
i'm kinda freak'n out a lil bit that she's going to read something that i've written!
I sent her the Liminality: Alive in Wonderland piece that i wrote, as well as another poem.
was that a good idea?
why am i bug'n out?!?!
keep your ;;fingers crossed;; for me that i hear back from her!
luvs it*

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