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well, i haven't heard from him since the other night when he told me he really liked me & wanted to talk to me more & take me out on a "real official date"... lol... so, i guess we'll see?

Cinnamon Duck:
nothing in a few days. poo. Never heard anything about NYE or if he'll be joining us... should i ask? hmm.. maybe i should text him & ask if he wants me to "put him on the list"... or.. maybe i don't & i scope out a NYE duck from fresh... nothing like a bit of hunting when dressed to the 2009's in a bar in NYC, right?

he will not be coming to the states for a visit any time soon. He was going to bc the town house his family has in the states was flooded & he was going to come help his Mum pick up the pieces. She can handle it herself, so he went back to "Oz." yesterday (he was in China for xmas bc his fam relocated durring the time we weren't speaking).
* important to remember about Dingo *
we may have had a past "relationship" & i may have had a bit of a crack in my heart bc of him, but he is first & foremost my friend. one of the best i've ever had. (boys especially). i luv him to death & i wish him well in every way. I would luv to see him & i'd luv to be able to forget everything that happened last year. I'm actually making a point to forgive him for past indescresions & take it as a "sign" that we are NOT meant to be anything more than friends. To be perfectly frankie, i think i was pushing the feelings on myself. he's a great guy, but he'd drive me nuts if we were together, much like he did for our short lived relationship in high school. i love (there's that real "l" word again) him soo much & can't wait to see him again, someday. He is, was, [hopefully] won't always be, confused, but i want to make sure that he knows that i'll always have mad luv for him. He shouldn't have to be confused about me. I want to be a solid thing for him.

wow, i know, i'm either headed for a highway pile up, or will end up very alone & very dissapointed soon.
[confession... about 2 years ago.... i was... on... match.com... -ugh-]
during that time, i talked to a few ducks, but only ended up meeting one at first, Ryan. He's THE shit & he's probably reading this [what up ryyyyyyan!]. We went out a few times, but we didn't end up having that *spark*. HOWEVER, in him, i found one of my very favourite people & we've been friends for a while. We talk often & i think he's fantastic.
but, he's not the new duck. [sorry ry, i'll come up w/ a cute nickname for you... teehee]
I also met a guy who i really liked, a bit of a RedNeck Duck, but we thought it was kinda cute that a RedNeck Duck could be with a Twisted Hippie Chick like me. he ended up being a d-bag duck & never called again once he got the overnight visit on date #4. ick.
but... he's not the new duck either...
The new one is Banks. He was another guy that i'd met on the embarrassing site. We never actually met up, but we facebooked & chatted for a while on IM. eventually, it died down until last month, when i got the cutest little facebook message:

Hey Spanky,
I hope this doesn't seem a bit weird...we spoke a bit on and off i think it was thru match originally and IM. I remember enjoying our conversation and it then died out. I was interested if you wanted to meet up for some drinks at some point or start the conversations again. [there was a comment about my job & how he may know someone intersted in my website.] Anyways, look forward to hearing from you...have a great evening!
obvi i wrote him back:
ha! for sure, i remember! not weird at all, how are ya?
i'd love to meet up for drinks. i'm not sure if i'll be able to before the new year, but if not, how's january for you?
hope you are well! :o)

a few IM convo's back & forth & today he texted (yes, i gave him my digits the other night, after a large glass of Pinot & some nice conversation) & asked if i'd join him for dinner on Sat. 
well... remember were i'm supposed to be on Sat? oh ya... dinner w/ Hoss... 
He was a sweetie tho & was absolutely fine with rescheduling until next week. We're set to meet on Wednesday at 8 at some place called Mona Lisa. Hmm.. what to order. 

We'll see, but, like i said before, i should have some interseting events in the near future, & lots more to come for you, i'm sure. 

do i...
-text Cinnamon Duck about NYE, or troll the city for a NYE duck?
-remind Hoss that he was going to take me to dinner on Saturday, or let it lay until/unless he brings it up?
-order the Penne Vodka or the Grilled Lemon Chicken? [am i the lamest for looking at the menu?! haha] 

more to come, i'm sure.

luvs it*


  1. Lordy lordy lordy! Half your luck with all these ducks! I hope, no matter which one you end up with, old or new, for NYE that it's a good one!! xx

  2. were did all those ducks come from caus eI need to go tap that fountain lol ahah! oh I think you should order the Grilled Lemon Chicken ahah! I also think a "whats up for NYE" text would not be a bad idea lol


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