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hands up, scream.

personally, i don't care for Rollercoasters. This may make me seem a little like a hypocryte, how can you not like something you don't have much experience in???, ok, i see that. Then, what i'll say is:
"personally i don't care much to KNOW about Rollercoasters." 
My relationship with Rollercoasters was... well, a one night stand. (an "ONS" in SpankySpeak)

i was nervous, but a little excited. i def wanted to make sure i had protection, it was a bit of a bumpy ride, i didn't really find my rhythm, it was shorter than i'd expected, (i whacked my head on the "head board") & i left feeling dizzy, nauseous & a bit grossed out. the last thing that i wanted to do, was go stand on line to have another.

(photo credit to taranoel on flikr.com)
Metaphoric Rollercoasters aren't much better, but lately, that's what my life has been. a god-damn, up & down, makes me get the spins just thinking about it, wild ride that has been both exhilarating & down right fuck'n awful. (wah, wah, wah...)

i've been trying to write this post for days... maybe weeks.
i basically wanted to catch everyone up on everything that has been happening, & (of course) other things keep jumping right in the way of being able to actually sit, tune out, and type.

in a true unavailable, Spanky manner, i'll give you a tid bit and make a promise (that i hope to keep) to fill in the holes later.

i'll say one thing first, my head has been fluttering with ideas. i have a notebook next to me, as i type, on my desk at work that has SO many awesome ideas for posts, give aways, surveys, guest spot ideas, etc. & all that i need to do now is figure out a master plan to attack it all.

superfast over view of my rollercoaster life's peaks and pits:
peak-Wedding in GA was awesome. i fell in luv with all the girls from the wedding party & was so happy to spend time with Michelle, it was like we hadn't spent 5 mins apart, let alone basically 13 years!

my pre-wedding roomies, they are so cute. ::tear::
pit- Thinking that i met a nice guy that could be a future contact/friend on the plane, who ended up texting me to see if i'd come visit him in Jacksonville... can't you just be friends/professional contacts with people? annoying
peak- NOT falling at the wedding, like at all!
pit- NOT meeting any hotties... garrr
peak- swimming in the hotel fountain after the rehersal dinner, night before the Wedding
pit- forgetting to hang up my dress, so it flew home in a wet lump in a plastic bag in my suitcase.
peak- getting over my fear of flying (at least i think)
pit- being so fucking tired & hungover that i had no energy to care that i was about to fly.

post GA:
peak- NOT gaining back all the weight that i lost by frequenting Sonic in GA (tots are irresistable!)
pit- not making the weight goal i set myself by my 5 year HS reunion
peak- snagging myself a gorg-tastic duck at the bar (whom i know from elementary school through now - not a random) and spending the night with him - the night before thanksgiving. waking up next to him was DEF something to be thankful for!!! (i think i'm still sweating from that one. nice)
pit- having my sister pick me up at his dads apartment at 9:30am & seeing that i look like a TOTAL lagoon creature... NOT cute.
peak- NOT getting reamed out by ma & pa when i strolled in at 10am on Thanksgiving morning in my outfit from the night before.
pit- realizing that they had more on their mind, when they sat me & the sis-piece down at 10am on Thanksgiving morning (pre-eggs and bacon breakfast) to tell us that they are splitting up after 26(?) years of marriage... awesome.

there's been a lot more, including
  • a missing cat, a found cat, pulling the cat out of the CHIMNEY & sneezing for days with soot in my eyes & nose...
  • a make out session with my ex boyfriend (surprisingly NOT weird. haha)
  • partying with friends from way WAY back, people i've never really spoken to, and people who never really cared to talk to me until now.
  • 5 year high school reunion (which led to the aforementioned two points)
  • Dropped out of school (i know, this could be it's own post blog, but this is supposed to be a quick update...)
  • Went to White Plains w/ JenBunny, Cheryl & (local) Michelle (& some boys) & partied at the same bar as on h.ween. found out the h.ween duck's phone number. texted him, he didn't answer. over it. 
    • plus side, i borrowed a dress from C & (if i do say so) i looked awesome!

(mb - our buddy that met us there)
WELL: that's most of it. i know that there's a lot more, but i'm getting sick of writing this post!!! here are some photos of me, in all my glory, at the Wedding:
i was going to upload some, but now i'm a Picnik snob, so i need boarders, wordies & goodie on my photos. I just decided to Upgrade, so it's taking forever. I'll be sure to do them ASAP (i swear!!!)
This was the only one i got done before i opted to upgrade (finally)

do u luvs?

thank you all for sticking with me thru my peaks & pits. i luvs u all, more than you can know & even though i'm sad to have to have dropped out of school, i'll have a lot more time to dedicate to my true luv... my bloggie.
There are a lot of fun things on the way, so please don't give up on me!!! i've got one HELL of a give away coming up, more from *The Duck Pond* & some advice like cheep* from a real life chick!

luvs it*


  1. I love the idea of this!

  2. oh god i fell for this post :)

    it was great to read it..


  3. i'm so glad i have so much luv for my rollercoaster life! haha


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