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"a night for celebrations" -breaking dawn

i did it. it's done. i finished.

i'm sad, but happy that i don't have to avoid anything twilight in fear that i'll have the end blown.

o man, stephanie meyer is sorta... evil. she wrote a character that is impossibly wonderful, incapable of being beaten.
wow. talk about a complex.

thank god this wasn't the ending...

i also caught up on last weeks SNL with Taylor Lautner. most of it wasn't that great, but there was one sketch that i luvd so much i had to play it for AmeCakes at work, Mom & Sis piece at home & now for you!

pah! how funny is that? "if those abs are real, then the dude that plays Jacob deserves an OSCAR!"
it's a saturday night & i'm sick... gross
i spent my saturday night watching a Muppet Christmas Carol with my sis, Em Butthead. We used to watch it all the time when we were younger, and, i'm sure you won't be shocked to know that i am all about watching movies/tv shows that i luvd when i was bitty.

the cat playing Scrooge as a young doode is a weird combo hybrid face. (one of those people that looks like two or more other people if they were smooshed together)

Raymond Coulthard: is a combo of Robert Pattinson & Jude Law... y'think? Em Butthead thought a dash of Ed Westwick, but i'm sticking to my two. aadding a 3rd can get dicey.

ya, i think so...

also, i finished twilight around 7:00pm... by 9 i'd eaten dinner & already read half of Go Ask Alice. ha

time for cold meds, tissues, tea, and down pillows.

::sniff, sniff::

luvs it*

p.s. spoiler alert in comments!


  1. "Oh duh, like what other kind of truces are there"

    bahaha. Loves it.


  2. oh luvs this post darling :)

    robert is the best of all vampires..


  3. So you have to share- did you like the ending or not? I, personally, hated it. Is it bad that I expected and kind of wanted a bunch of death? Not to my Edward, obvs, but really- I was hoping for death. I think it ended up being like a really lame game of dodgeball or something. I mean all that was missing were "yo mama" jokes because it was so anti-climatic. We need a 5th book.

  4. hmm, well smartass sara, i did like it, honestly. more bc i was so anxious from the whole book that i needed a happily ever after.

    i hope that no one sees the comments about the end!!! i'll add a spoiler alert.


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