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massive... MASSIVE... giveaway!

Your best friend Spanky has something fuck'n FABULOUS in store for one of my lucky luvies!
a maaaaaaaaaaaassive holiday/new year *give away* including a bunch of things that i absolutely luvs*
(sorry boys, i don't think that you'll find too much here you'll be interested in... it's a bit girly...)

all of these items have something relevent the blog, or are special little extras that i felt like giving.
i hope that everyone has a blast fighting to the death politely competing for this UH-mazing giveaway (if i do say so myself)

these are just a few tidbits of all the fun items for this giveaway.

explanation of goodies:
Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block: Read this book & you'll understand how i became me. I swear to you luvies, this book is responsible for 98% of my vocabulary (ok, maybe not 98, i guess i have to give the public school system SOME credit), but it is literally the book that opened my eyes to how words can really depict a beautiful, spontaneous, wonderful fantasy world. I've read it too many time to count (i've never been great at math though, so...)

Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk: This book was my introduction to the written word of Chuck Palahniuk. of course, i knew OF him because i was already way obsessed with the movie of Fight Club before i read this one. I ended up trading books with a Summer Duck & this was the book i gave him. Weetzie showed me literary luv & Monsters showed me belletristic beauty in fucked up tradgedy. It's a blow-your-mind kinda book that you cannot put down until your brains are all over the pages & you have nothing but a goofy, dumbfounded, shocked grin on your face. Oh Chuck, I can't wait to hear what my luvies think of this one...

Factory Girl starring Sienna Miller and Guy Pearce: Edie Sedgwick is, without a doubt, one of my absolute favourite icons EVER and Andy Warhol is just such an artistic genius with a sick mind of almost sociopathic quantities... but i'd hang out with him in a heart beat. fo' sho. This movie is gorg, sad and sure to make you fall in luv with poor little rich girl, edie.

"luvs it*" tee by one-word-tees.com: Oh yes, that's right! One-Word-Tees.com is making a two word tee bc they luv me & all of you SO much. O-W-T will be making "luvs it*" tees so you can all spread the luv all over the damn place! (more info on that available once we get the kinky's worked out)
-giveaway winner will receive a voucher for a free "luvs it*" tee. voucher will be a one time use, coupon code to be entered at one-word-tees.com to receive a SpankyLuvsIt.com special tee. (this way you can pick your size & colour options!)

-the others are either suprises, or self explained. We got some Essie nail polish in there (Material Girl and either Midnight Cami or Sexy Divide), some treats, a duck (bc every girl needs a duck like quack*), the soundtrack to the Beatles Cirque du Soleil "LOVE" show (that i saw in Vegas & gushed over) & maybe a few more mysterious extras!
what!? i have to have SOME secrets!
trust me, you want this shiz... i promise.

now the hard part... this is the mother of all give aways that i've even THOUGHT of doing, so you're going to have to worrrrrk for it. 

what you gotta do:
(*'s = required, **'s = required IF you are able, ~'s = optional for extra credit!)
  1. Follow this blog (duh) *
  2. Comment on this post (duh squared!) *
  3. Tweet this post with a link & my twitter name - @SpankyLuvsIt **
  4. Follow me on Twitter so i can see your post :o) **
  5. Write a bitty post on your blog with a link to this post ~
  6. Shout out on your blog/tumblr/facebook (whatever) with a link to this post *
  7. Become a fan of SpankyLuvsIt on Facebook & post me a little "hey!" or something to let me know you're a reader! **
  8. Wish at 11:11 that you'll win this give away *
  9. Climb on your roof (CAREFULLY) & scream, as loud as you can that you "LUVS EVERYONE" ~
That outta do it.
this is a holiday/new years give away with wonderful things to start the new year, so i'll be pulling a winner right before the new year. winner will receive prize in early January, 2010!

ps: if you have a shop, or anything that you'd like to offer for future give aways, Puh-Lease let me know. i'm hoping to start semi-regular give aways & i'm aiming to really spread some luv for smaller etsy shops, inde sellers, etc. Anyone who donates will obviously get a spot on the wall that links to their www!

Ok, get to work! i hope to see a lot of activity for this one. (otherwise, i'll totes cry).

luvs it*


  1. What, so my stupid penis means that I can't take part?


    Fine! When I have my...uh.....my.....totally awesome boys giveaway, I might not even let you take part in it!

    (ps- I'm only joking, you can *hug*)

  2. awwwe, u can enter luvr, it's just kinda girlie!

  3. factory girl is on my top ten movies of all time list! great giveaway, cute blog :)

  4. I'm following you now doll. Hope I win! Check me out. http://blondeepisodes.blogspot.com Kori xoxo

  5. Following you via Bloglovin!


  6. Awesome giveaway! Cute blog as well :)

  7. OMG I love the Essie nail polishes! :D Great great giveaway! Completely following! Glad I stumbled upon your blog!

    Also tweeted it!


  8. Wow.. Love this giveaway. I am now a follower....

  9. http://twitter.com/cmason0708/status/6542941227

    I tweeted :)

  10. I am now following you @cmason0708

  11. I would love to win any of these prizes!! <3

  12. P.S. I also gave you a shout out on my latest blog entry:


    & on twitter--my name is @hachikoxbb


  13. first: you're hilarious
    second: I want everything you're giving away
    third: thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such fab comments! i would love to see a pic of your blonde hair!

  14. Love your sassy blog!! What a fabulous giveaway..so glad I came across your site. :)

  15. you are so generous.

    ps. Love all the items. :)

  16. Awesome giveaway! I'll definitely be wishing at 11:11 to win this one.
    (I'm also a follower of your blog/subscribed through my google reader).

  17. Ok.. let's see... I'm a stalk... I mean follower :)


  18. This is my comment-comment..

    and that obviously makes A LOT of sense... jajaja


  19. I tweeted the thinggg so I guess that would be #3

  20. Here it issss... I followed u already, but just in caseee



  21. Ok... just did #7 =)

    can u tell I like all this stuff??? LOL

    thanks for the heads up

    this is my 5th entry ;)

  22. ahh ok, i thought i was a follower and now im going to check to make sure i am! great giveaway lady! ill be wishing at 11:11 that i win this baby:)

  23. I follow your blog and I'm oh so excited for this giveaway! I've never won a blog giveaway ever!!! Fingers crossed :)

  24. such a cute blog and great giveaway. I follow you :)

  25. o MAN, more & more goodies are being added to this giveaway! - it's gunna be BIG!

  26. Very cool. Following you xo


  27. heyyy! LUVS IT (the blog that is!) i'm following you now here and on twitter too!



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