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merry merry merry*

teehee. to those of you that i texted this morning, i apologize for the repetition.

it's been a luvly holiday so far. i was up until 5:30am wrapping gifts, watching (the traditional) A Christmas Story Marathon on TBS & having xmas insomnia.

you'll shoot your eye out!
I remember, when i was little, we had a one of those (children of the 90's) cassette tapes with a read along book. It was of Rudolph and it was "tradition" to listen to the (15 mins long tape) over & over & over again until we (my sister & i) fell asleep. My sister is the type of person that can conk out in 5 seconds... i can be up all night trying to get some winks.
one year, i thought i saw the red glow of a nose in the sky. i was clearly either overly imaginative, or fucked in the head at a young age... hmm...

finally, sleep, for a few hours... visions of sugar plums, ribbons and misfit toys... just to be woken up by a sleepy mom so i can finish a few last wrappings for em butthead sis piece & pops.

gifts under the tree, packed, wrapped & ready to be torn into, i make sure to change into "cute pjs" & make up (pops, the photog, would be sure to catch me in full on morning monster mode).

we ripped open paper of green, red, white and blue & enjoyed watching each others reactions to the gifts we'd picked out. then.. they were all done.
my favourite thing i gave...

Alfred Hitchcock "The Birds" Tippi Hedren Barbie

[for ma.]
a few goodies to mention:
- express fedora alla ashley simpson-wentz (finally, i'll be fedorable too!)

- 2 pair ultra snuggley pj pants
- super soft pink sweater from vickies
- 2 ducks! (thanks daddy-o!)
- Twilight Scene It! (so AmeCakes, JenBunny, Em Butthead Sis Piece, Cheryl & myself can have an Edward Luv-a-thon Battle Royale)
- a Fleur's snitch necklace from trophies* etsy shop! (yesss!)
- glovies, thigh high socks, boots

&... (drum roll...)

a WEBBIE! (whooooooooop!)


we also went to see Sherlock Holmes (since the extended fam isn't coming until tomorrow...)
it was aweeeesommmmeeeeeee.

now, we're going to play the Twilight game. after i go smoke to try to get less full from the festive Chinese food we ate.
more later & video updates soon!


have a very *spanky* christmas everyone!
luvs it*


  1. Tippi Hedren Barbie is so fun!
    Merry Christmas to you Spanky~

  2. You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

    Merry Christmas from your favorite bloghost (tee hee!), Missy!

  3. an amazing day with wonderful gifts -- love your new webbie!

  4. Rudolph is my favorite classic holiday movie, and that barbie was so badass!! lol :)


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