diary of a manic obsessive.


the belief in beauty

i let someone in today.
really, really in... into the darkness that you all don't see. no one sees.
it was scary,
now i feel better.

after i let my secret out, i told them how i believe in the "religion" of beauty.  it's always bothered me that the core truth behind all religious beliefs is supposed to be love, yet, the world has manipulated everything about religion to turn it into a stubourn foot to stand on in the fight for division.

i think that's nuts, so i refuse to believe it.
i'll be religious, but i'll believe in beauty, art and love

maybe that makes me a hippie, but, great, fantastic. i'm fine with that.

it's about respecting the life, the luv & the  gifts we have been given.

look at this clip from *The Little Princess* & tell me that you don't have your breath knocked out of you by the beauty of it. Sure, it may not be what you, or anyone you may know would think of as conventional, but it's a contemporary vision of a story and a belief that's ancient.

my religious, out of body moments happen when something brings a euphoric mental image to my mind, that sends chills down my spine, brings tears to my eyes & makes my heart swell.

when i saw the Beatles *LOVE* show in Vegas, or hear there songs.
when i see a perfect photo or painting.
when i see the amazing images in a new film mashed together with the perfect soundtrack in a trailer.
a literary string of words that flow in perfect rhythm.

just like ziggy... love is my religion.

how can anyone not see the absolute, insane, mind blowing beauty in every belief?

William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet (directed by the uh-mazing Baz Luhrmann) is littered in tradegic, exquisite, allure.

if these things don't send the most sensational spasms through your nerves, than you just don't have blood in your heart. seriously.

 i told my friend how i have a dream to have a gorgeous mantle covered in beautiful bits of every belief. that may seem blasphemous to some, but to me, it seems like the best belief there are.
statues of gods, saints, madalions, paintings, beads, poetry, lace, art, love, everything.

a center piece, in a perfect little living room, dripping with love and illuminated with twinkle lights.


what do you think?

luvs it*


  1. "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me."

    -John Lennon

    Well said, Spanky. Love it.

  2. god i luv that

    its all about finding the beauty in the world... see post part 2...


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