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mirror mirror...complex?

what do u think about people who have blogs that are basically just daily photos of them & their outfits?

granted, they usually have fanTASTic 'fits & cute pics, but... like... what's the real appeal? what, other than styling trends, why do they get so much attention?

i was just looking at one JUST now... she had 254 comments on a post that was literally 5 photos of her in an outfit in different poses, in her living room.

ya... the pants were hella cute, and the ankle boots were trendy-tastic... but.. 254 people "tuned in" to see

"what's this chick gunna wear TODAY? & will she pose to the left, or the right?!?!....... the RIGHT today! amazing. i MUST comment!"

i mean... right?

i dunno. i don't see the point in it. honestly, the taking of & uploading photos to the blog post, is the most time consuming and obnoxious part of all! writing is the fun part, photos are tedious.
o well. it's not for me... but here's one little narcissistic pic, just to prove a point:

luvs it*


  1. Although I do follow a select few "What I'm Wearing" blogs, I think they're all a little bit silly. There's only one I really like, and I would NEVER go out wearing those clothes. It seems to me to be kind of a "look at these weird clothes I actually go out in public!" kind of thing. Maybe I just dress boring, but yeah you get my point. Merry Christmas :)


  2. wellI only follow one of thoose blogs and I love IT! perhaps cause I dont hav emuch style of my own so I like to see it lol, anyway I am loving your pic :) very beautiful!!

  3. teehee, oh hunnies. thinking back on my post, i sound kinda rude!

    i follow some of them too... i guess it just gets to me when i like research some of my topics, plan, load photos, photoshop, frame, write, think, marinate... & these sillie fashionistas get dressed in the am & snap a cell pic, mobile upload & KABLAM, billions of comments, sponsors, fantastic.

    hahah ya knooooo?

    merry merry to u toooo!

  4. 254 comments? Wow.

    I wouldn't follow a blog like that though, but I'm a guy!

    Hey I miss the ass grabbing header!

  5. hahahha, well geez! maybe i'll have to sex it up a bit more... but i luv the "butter-deer".

    we'll see...


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