diary of a manic obsessive.


misses you already.

don't worry luvies,

i'm reading twilight as fast as i can!

(it's so good tho, i hate rushing it!)

i have a few goodies for you tho...

christmas cheer
teehee, luvs*

last minute shopping
who doesn't like a lil "express" shopping?

Winter Sale! Get 40% off Sweaters, Shirts & Pants! Shop in-store or online December 17-21 and get $15 off every $60 you spend. Online Promo Code: 4570

holidays on the Sunset Strip
one of the best shows ever, dammit dumb america for not getting smart humour...

firefly luvs*
who doesn't want some magic, glowy buggies for xmas?

visit *Catching Fireflies* for some wonderful, funky & inde gifties!

childlike, but not childish
the best qualities of both men, and online shops...

i bought so many gifts on this awesome site this year. use coupon code GIFT for 5% off

not without coups, baby
dane knows... do u?

go to retailmenot.com before you check out an any onilne store. millions of coupons for everywhere!

last but not least...

Mickey's Christmas Carol 
& other Mickey Christmas Cartoons.
 this... was.. my... FAVOURITE.. thing... ever... 
(i need the dot dot dots for emphasis. i've been looking for this forever. fooooorever)

& remember...

luvs it*


  1. aawwwhhh, don't be upset darling.. i'm here to visit you :) you're so sweet!!



who luvs me?

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