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this is my 180th post.
i now have 61 followers.
i'm taking a ::short:: break.
WHAT?! WHY!??!?!
for all of you who read Twilight, you'll understand... i'm within the last 200 pages of Breaking Dawn & i'm finding it harder & harder to put down. i'm so anxious to know how it ends that, honestly, i don't really want to do anything else until it's over.

it shouldn't take me very long, i can read pretty fast when i'm into it. but, in case life goes & fucks this up for me, i wanted you all to know, i'll be back, very soon, with another goal under my belt, ready to switch gears.
i'll miss you. try not to cry.
(haha, watch i finish it tonight, how dramatic am i?! hahahah)
but Spanky, what the hell are we going to do if you're not here blogging?!?!

don't do that, you sillies!
well, i'm glad you asked! If you haven't yet... then read this post about my massive giveaway! (it's the mom of all giveaways.. on this blog, so far, anyway!). & IF you haven't, what the hell are you waiting for? it's for a basket of awesome free stuff, helllloooooo!?

Of course, you can go visit the Bffer Nugg, JenBunny over at NovelistaBarista, but you have to promise to come back. She's a better blogger than me, don't let her suck you in & take you away from me.

You can go to bug AmeCakes over at ListeningAround & tell her that her (few) posts are bang'n. Maybe if we all bother the shit out of her, she'll start writting again!

of course always visit some of my other bloggie luvlies:

if you're kinda sad & in the mood for some poetic justice... visit "B" at Stars Like Little Fish. She makes me kinda happy sad. but i luv her writing. 

visit Ryan at ETC., ETC., ETC. - Spanky's original duck like quack*. He has some wonderful insights on the best of all random subjects. (plus, of course, he's a hottie duck like quack! haha ::don't blush ryan!::)

 get some advice from Miss Mercedes at How to Really Hold on to the Man of your Dreams! She's good... oh, she's good... (& she's pretty f'n Ramdiculous too! hey-ohhh!)

think about it with Ambar at Ambar's Thoughts. She's one hell of a chick & always has a shit ton to say about anything!

take a bite of the Irishy goodness with Conor from Pizza Box. A member of the newly formed "irish gang" (members include me, Spicy Spanky McHaggis - working title, Conor & JenBunny). plus, i mean, he's funny, & he's.. IRISH. (& soon to be another duck in the pond, woooop!)

stay for a sip with Nicole at My Teacups in Peony. her bloggie is just so pretty & fresh. plus, helloooo, she has a new ETSY shoppe!!!! It's called "With Love" & i was awesome enough to purchase a pair of her "holly" earrings (awe, like holly, that dog?) to be gifted in the giveaway! wooop!

get a little sinister with this rough & tough duck, Kris at Rantings of a Bitter Jarhead. (yes, sinister, his most recent post is called "Take your happy-go-lucky motivational speech about rainbows and sunshine and shove it up your ass..."). He's a cheery little quacker, but, don't let him fool you, he's been responsible for some comments that have really perked this little chick-a-dee right up. ::big smiles:: -weird, he also kinda reminds me of one, a few of my ex's... hmm..

last, but not least, one of my first bloggie babes, Elise at Without Rhyme or Reason. She's "so lovely" & always has the nicest things to say to me. I swear, this chick could be my sistah! Plus, she drops in tid-bits of her temporary life in Ireland that make me so jeal!!!

well, there you have it peepers. i'll see you soon. i luv u all. i hope everyone makes some more friends through this. i also hope that i finish this book soon, i'm dying to know the end. i'll also be joining you all again on my *new computer*.

luvs u all, luvs ur faces...

luvs it*


  1. Mucho el thankso! You do in fact rock:) I remind you of your ex's eh? Dunno if that is good, but probably not, hahaha! As long as you keep findin shit to chuckle at it's all good kiddo! Have a couple vid clips on my next one, hope your doing well and in good spirits.


  2. Aww, you're gorgeous!!!

    Thanks so much!

    I hope you have a few great days of reading and if you're not back before Christmas and New Years, I hope both are fantastic! You deserve it!

    Love you too!!


  3. AND I get a Stevie dedication???? You rock!!

  4. Oh my- you MUST email me and tell me what you think of the last book. I have my opinion and now I'm bursting to share it!!!!!


  5. You're probably done with the book by now!! LOL But thanks!!!! You're such a cutie patootie [spell check?]

    Anywayzzz enjoy the book, I'm off to checking out some of these peeps.

  6. wow! thank you so much! loving the description (': "poetic justice", huh?
    come back soon


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