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fun-tasmic toys for big kids.

a few years ago, i found out about these little toys & figures on KidRobot.com.
(they're available on other places too, but i found out about them on KidRobot.com)

i still haven't ever bought any of them, but that's mainly because i can never choose which one to get! (they're a little pricey, so i can't just go on a spree... although i'd fuck'n LUV to)

Here are a few of my favourite things.

these are so crazy-funny

i luv the site & the brands on it especially bc they have such a great way of saying things. They're too funny with the names of their characters & products.

these silly "Mongers" are awesome.
monkeys are "Munny"
Rabbits are "Labbit"
a Rabbit with a cigarette is a "Smorkin' Labbit"

it's just too much fun. i wonder if kidrobot is hiring. i'd work there.

luvs it*

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