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cozy conundrum.

a luvly friend of a friend gave me a very generous gift of $50 toward Victoria Secret.
[wow! thanks!!!]
there were a few things that i didn't get from my wish list* that i really wanted needed from the power house that is [affectionatly] vickie's...

what i really wanted, was the soft & sexy wrap.

ok, simple, it's on sale for $39. perf... but...
what colour?!?!?!?!
here are the ones i like...

lemme know which one [two?] you think i should get!

thanks babers!

ps: so stoked right now, TiVo really does luvs me... it picked out some shows for me to watch, without me having to tell it to! what am i watching right now you ask?!
"a Very Tanner Christmas"
Full House? YES!!! NOW it's Christmas!

& i literally just heard my ex fame duck on another commercial - Sear's Door Buster Sale ad, that sexy voice? ya, i tapped that... hahahahah

luvs it*


  1. I love these and it will be hard to pick, I love the black of course because it can go with anything but I also love the grey and the pinkish purplish one, what color is that anyway? :) Good luck picking either way it will be wonderful!!

  2. hmm I would go for gray or nude... although the mustard is reaaally my fave! :D

  3. ***update***

    i'm leaning toward blue, light grey, & yellow... hmm...

    i totally ROCK yellow, any chance that i get (most of my pj pants are def yellow. i luv the colour & can pull it off! but... i dunno! (maybe i'll have to get three?! could i DO that?!)



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