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duck. duck. duck. duck. goose.*

i guess that usually "goose" would be "it"... in this case, "goose" is gunna be the opposite. Goose is gunna be "you are NOT it & i know that"...

went out w/ JenBunny last night (shock!). we went to the local watering whole to pre-game a bit & then hit up a mutual friends house party.
the place was packed. like sardines, there were a shit-ton of little mini drunkies, younger than JenBunny & I. the one kool thing about the younger kids was that JenBunny's broseph showed up. (i introduced myself to his friend as his "sister by association" - he seemed to get it.)

i was texting with Hoss, the Long Distance Duck  
(no, his name isn't actually Hoss, more on that to folllow.)
& he had been saying that he was looking forward to hanging out with me...
this is the one that i had seen at the house party after the reunion last month. the one that was making out w/ me & i'd said i'm kinda over it... (to you all, not to him... whoops)


Hoss's Appeal:
  • he's funny. (i know, i'm so typical)
  • he's tall & skinny, ( i have a history of going to the tall lanky ones...)
  • he's good at Beruit (aka Beer Pong to all you sillies)
  • he gave me a cute nickname... "Smalls" bc i'm short & also because The Sandlot is one of the best movies ever. (i've been trying to come up with a nickname for him forever. Smalls came so easily for him when coming up with mine, but he was harder. i tried on a few; Stretch, Roach, Romeo, even Cocky-Mother-Fucker was an option. due to his last name, which i'll keep out of publication, i went with Hoss. but no, he's not like a red neck in overalls - sorry to anyone named Hoss that i may have offended!)
  • he doesn't live around here (terrible, but that means i can see him when he's visiting his 'rents, but not all the time - wow, i'm like... a dude...)
  • he has a funny laugh (he literally giggles like a little girl... it's weird, but i like weird laughs. i'm drawn to them because they make ME laugh... remember, that Bartender i was in lust with for two years? He laughs like Santa... seriously, it's glorious. Christmas Cheer all year round. too bad he didn't deliver.)
  • he'll text me for daaaays. (literally, one day we texted back & forth from like 11am to 7pm. just about bullshit. i like that.)
Hoss's Faults:
  • he's confusing. i'm just not really sure what he wants from me, but i think that might be because he isn't sure either. so, i guess i can't blame him...
  • he gives me shit for smoking, but then, when i'm with him, he makes it seem like he's being a god damn saint, doing me a favour, sacrificing himself, to kiss me... which he said once was "like licking an ashtray"... thanks man. 'preciate it...)
  • he leaves. he picks up & disappears. he vanishes. he'll be there one moment, then, he's gone. (now, i don't know, because i haven't hung out with him TOO many times, but the times that i have, recently, he literally will just be gone.) this fault gave him his new nickname.
he says he's stoked to see me. i get to the party & i have texts from Hoss, asking me to come & get him.
[nah. can't, sorry, i'm w/ JenBunny... figure it out. see ya there.]
He shows up, soaking wet from the rain & comes up to me in the middle of the crowded kitchen, grabs me around my waist & kisses me.
-well, i guess everyone knows something's going on now... geez... (yes, i know, most girls would be elated that a guy they were mearly "talking to" would put a big 'ole PDA stamp on things, but... eh... i wasn't looking to commit to a make out buddy yet..)

We talk for a little bit, but we don't really have much to say to eachother. i'm just trying to say anything to get him to not throw me on the kitchen counter.
la, la, la... the night goes on, but i end up talking to a few other people, some of which were; a guy i've known since middle school, a wonderfully classy, sweet guy who i realized, in high school, is my distant cousin (luvs him), a chick who's younger that i used to work with, a chick who's younger that i've partied with a few times (who was shitcanned), a good friend ex-fling duck who was flirting w/ JenBunny, the Host Duck, Host Ducks ma & pa & sis piece & a new duck.

Cinnamon Duck
(name subject to change)
i went to school w/ Cinnamon Duck, but we discussed how we don't think that we have ever spoken. I totally know who he is, & from what i've heard, he's legit. i've never heard an ill word about him. We start chatting & after a while, i realize that this non-smoking duck has been out in the cold garage, in just a tee, with me for over an hour. what a sweetie, but i hope he doesn't get pnemonia...
I barely can recall what we talked about, but i know at one point we stumbled across a deck of Tarot cards & tried to read eachothers fortunes. [pah!]
With the fear that all brewskis were either empty or wounded, my new duck went on a hunt for something with kick... o boy, he found it.... Cinnamon Whiskey... (ahh, it's all coming together now).Since i'm getting over a cold, & i'm not a Cowboy, i tried not to take a big, manly swig, i tried to be slick with a dainty sip. FAIL, i spilled Cinnamon Whiskey all over my cheek & chin & it dripped down my neck & my chest (no, not hot, not even a little bit). but, he laughed & didn't mock me... too much.

long story [kinda] short... we had fun talking the rest of the night & exchanged numbers. JenBunny & her balla self did me a solid (without me even having to imply!) & asked him his NYE plans. She invited him to join us (what an awesome bffer, eh?) He said he'd call me to discuss. At one point, we came up with a great invention & said we were going to become billionaires together. (oh yes, there is a contract...)

We left, JenBunny drove me home & about 20 mins later, i had a text :o)
we texted back & forth for a bit & in the am, i had another saying he'd fallen asleep.

i luvs meeting new people, especially new old people that i always "knew" but never really "met".

Hoss, on the other hand, had texted me from the other room of the party telling me he was going to leave. i'd gone back to say bye & he was gone (shock..). Then, his dumb ass texts me:

[was good seein ya but i think im donzo, peace out kiddo]

whaaaa? what the hell does that mean? (which, actually was what i texted him back, with no answer still).

whatever man. u do what u want, but i hope you realize, your new nickname is Houdini, not affectionately.

*new duck* = awesome.
Houdini = lame. ur not a duck, you're a goose.
overall night experience = priceless!

luvs it*


  1. Woohoo! New boys! I like the sound of cinnamon duck! Good luck for New Year's Eve!

  2. wow, totally enjoyed that post lol. So happy you have the possibility at a new boy :) and Houdini shame on you lol...

  3. ***UPDATE***

    i received this text tonight from Houdini:

    [didn't mean to send that without explanation last night, was little drunk]

    so i said


    i must say tho... i'm curious... maybe i should text him & let him talk his way out of that dumb text... hmm. i'll let ya know!



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