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Too Hot Tuesdays!

This is a NEW weekly trend. I think that most of us should agree that looking at yum-tastic boys should be an everyday event, not just once a week... but i think that there is some sort of addicts group out there somewhere that may agree i should stand up, in front of the room & say

"Hi, My name is Spanky, & i'm boy crazy."

So, we'll make it a weekly occurance (for the most part).
First week...

Bryan Greenberg

This yummy Omaha, NE native seriously lights my fire. I was lucky enough to see him play on June 18th at the Highline Ballroom in the Meat Packing District in NY. Oooo, it was amaaazing. Every song from "Someday" with it's beautifully acoustic lyrics...

"I drive all night just to see your face The way you touch the way you taste Even if only for a day I'll come back to you someday"

to the cheeky cute lyrics of "i sorta have a girlfriend" which raised quite the fuss when he started singing it at the concert.

Oh Bryan Greenberg, how perfectly quaffed your hair is. How precious you are with your puppy eyes. How sexy you are with your... body...

I first discovered B. Greenberg as Jake Jagielski on "One Tree Hill" a few years ago when i picked up the show. I then saw him in a few episodes of "Boston Public" when that became my syndication obsession. Eventually, my addiction became more sever when i started watching "October Road" (yes, in syndication) and when i heard the boy sing... i was toast! I went to see Bride Wars 60% too see him play the small role of Nate, Kate Hudson's brother and dragged a good (guy) friend of mine to see the WEIRDO (& awwwesome) flick "Nobel Son" where Greenberg played Alan Rickman's son, Barkley Michaelson. (see it. it's awesome.) When i had the chance to see him in concert... i HAD to go. While i was there, he mentioned his new show, "How to Make it in America" to start in the Fall of 2009. I BELIEVE that the show will be on HBO and also stars rapper Kid Cudi and, previous post chica, Shannon Sossamon! I'm sooo stoked!!!

buy his CD ("waiting for now"), watch his shows, rent his movies, drool over his photos.

luvs it*


who luvs me?

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