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two things amazing...

So, i bitch & moan about not having the time to post & here i am, posting for the 4th time today..

a real quick side note... on my way home in a complete cats & dogs disaster outside, scared of trees falling on my soft top car & crushing me, my car decides it's a great time to stall out & NOT TURN BACK ON!... garr... thank god i was close to my girl Katya's house. She came to my rescue & took me back to her house. I called the AT&T road side assistance & had a lovely conversation with a fellow Customer Service agent who booked me a tow truck. but.. then.. yuck.. while on the way back down the BUSIEST road in my town to get to Katya's car, i stepped on a slug... ewwwewewewewwwww~ the poor thing didn't stand a chance being stuck between my foot & my flop. grosss...

&... with that luvly story...

The two amazing things are...

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2010)

When things like this are released, i have a very torn, slightly schitsophrenic episode. I become so excited & happy for the release of the film, but, at the same time, incredibly sad & angry with myself for not having been a star yet so that I could have been IN it! I felt that way about Moulin Rouge, Charlies Angels (but i got over that one...) & a few others (honestly, i'm drawing a blank) but i mean it, the first thing i thought of when i heard about T. Burton's newest venture was "FUCK! WHY AM I NOT IN THIS!?!?!" I have adored the bed time acid trip since i was a child. The walrus & the carpenter is one of my absolute favourite pieces of written word and i find myself quoting the Disney version on a weekly basis ("there g
oes Bill... poor Bill" "We don't want weeds in our bed" "aWHO aARE aYOU" "twinkle... twinkle... little bat...." i have literally said eveyone of those lines at least once in the past month... i wonder if people find me terribly annoying...). I was so weepie over the fact that i'd missed out on being in one of the best stories being told by one of the BEST story tellers. boo hoo. i shal cry so much that i will flood the parlor & float away towards the DoDo bird in a glass bottle ("the boooottle... the BOTTTTTLE"-door knob)

I've seen a few sneak peeks & so far.. amazed. (even though the mad hatter looks a litttttle bit too much like what i picture the boogie man must look like.)

the Tweedles are a bit scary, but Helena Bonham Carter looks fantastic as the Red Queen Anne Hathaway is a vision as the White Queen.

The lucky little girl playing Alice is Mia Wasikowska whom I luvd in In Treatment with Gabriel Byrne. (The show i wasn't a huge fan of & was a bit overwhelmed with the fact that there was a different person for each day. i liked the concept, but opted to only watch Wednesday, as it was Sophie day.)

I'm very excited to have t. burton blow my mind once again. i've been taken on so many glorious adventures with this brilliant man; to Fleet Street, a Chocolate Factory, Halloween Town, Gotham City & even around the world & back to London in a Giant Peach. I don't think i'll be disapointed.

Toy Story 3 (2010)

Yes! 3!!! Wooohoooo! My FAV pixar film of allll time (yes, we all love nemo and there is something sweet about talking tow trucks) has come back AGAIN! I cannnnotttt wait to see what HILARIOUS shananigans insue with Woody, Buzz, Ham, Mr. Potato Head & ESPECIALLY Slink the doxie dog!!! I don't know too mch about this yet, but i'll write more when i do!!!

luvvvs it*


  1. omg, visual candy!!!! I'm already getting a sugar high thinking about it.

  2. i LUV that... Visual Candy, permission to borrow?!

  3. Oh Wow. I had no idea they were making a Toy Story 3. Exciting!


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