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more on Ronnie luv*

See everyone? he TOTALLY deserves to win this little contest!

the sweetheart wrote back to me on Facebook to thank me for my vote & my post!


**URGENT: Ronnie needs your vote!!
Between You and Ronnie Kroell

Today at 2:34pm
Dearest Ronnie,

not ONLY did i vote for your fine self, but i posted about it on my blog!!!

check it out if you have a chance!!!

best of luck!!!

Today at 3:11pm
How sweet are you Sara!! Thank you SO much ..


Today at 5:41pm
of course love! i wish you the best!!!

keep me updated with anything else you'd like me to post (i wish i could say that i had more followers, but i'm working on it!)

luvs u & luvs ur life*

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