diary of a manic obsessive.



i'm very very frustrated right now...

i want to be a bloggie babe, i really do. i would absolutely love to have wireless internet and spend my days in cafes drinking tea and eating baguettes with cheese or beaches with my toesies in the sand, or even just in my damn bathtub leaning over the edge to type & drink Pinot Grigio while blogging all day about every little thought and flutter in my head, heart and sometimes, my gut.

i would love to do so... but i can't. the universe will not allow me to. the fastest computer that i have access to is my work computer. This means that while my hour lunch break flies by I have to try to do the things that will require a fast computer. This almost ALWAYS means that actually writting (the whole POINT to this blog thing) comes in last place everytime. like a sad, short legged pony at the Kentucky Derby. Writting is the best part, but it is hard to keep doing it with a smile when you don't think anyone is ever reading it. If no one reads your blog, hate to say it but, Congrats, you have a Diary...

I have a notebook with lists & lists of things that i want to write about. I felt that i needed to be timely and post my previous entry on the tragic passings of M.Jackson & F.Fawcett. A good journalist knows that you must keep with the times no matter what you've been dying to organize your thoughts around for weeks before that. So, my other ideas will wait... along with anything else i felt i wanted to say to you now... because alas... it is 3:33 & i took lunch at 2:40... & i must smoke a cigarette...

i just hope that i can get on the board before the wave passes or else i fear my blog will end up like the lunch i barely ate... cold soup.

luvs the IDEA of it*

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