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a change... will do you good... (& other drug induced ridiculosities!)

So, i'd really like a new blog look.

my BFFer, Jennifer, told me that the black background was a little "eh..". after a momentary blip of bitter defensiveness, i agreed.

my problem now is; how do i do so?

Ok, so i'm getting there, but i'm not great with figuring out this blog junk. i feel constricted within the confines of the provided layout. How does one upload a beautiful background image for their blog?

how? HELP!

moving on...

I'm watching Penelope.

very adorable. i feel bad that i haven't seen this movie thus far.

over the past week i have completely turned over in my chair for wonderful James McAvoy... oooo

i've seen Becoming Jane, Chronicles of Narnia, Penelope, & rewatched Wanted . he's so lovely. i think that it may be time for a revised (or... expanded...) list...

NO! i shant get distracted from things of more importance! Being boy crazy can't stop me from being productive!

This movie is so delightfully wonderful. I am in luv with it. I recomend that everyone sees it, immediately. Not only is Penelope my puppy's middle name (Miss Holly Penelope GoLightly, the long haired miniature dachshund), and not only is it full of some of my favourite people (Childhood hero Christini Ricci, Scottish rockstar luv James McAvoy, the perfectly awful Catherine O'Hara, and sister of the blonde Reese Witherspoon) but it's just so pretty! I'm a dreadful sucker for these movies with a fairyland glow and a mystical tint. (see also; Nanny McPhee, Big Fish, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Borrowers, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Imporium, Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge, even the Crazytown music video for "Butterfly" & at least 3 more that i'm clearly blanking on - i'm sorry!)

... here's a secret into the deep depths of my soul...

........ are you ready?

............... are you sure?


My life's dream, what i feel like i was put on this earth to do (at least for starters) is to make a movie, in these brilliant tones and hues of the book "Weetzie Bat" by Francesca Lia Block (my absolute fantasy literary hero).

It would be the perfect story to tell. My whole life i feel has been altered by this book. This is definately, although not life changing in the eyes of the world like Mein Kompf, The Bible, or even The Catcher in the Rye, it has been 100% influential on the way i view life, love and especially the art of the spoken (or written) word.

One day i will bring the radiant visions in my head of Weetzie and her pals to the big screen and invite the world to see what has been my favourite bedtime story since i was 11.

last weird little tid bit for the night...

These glasses are AMAZING. they are magic glasses that make everything look amazing. Not going to lie, i bought them because they were cute, HUGE and cheap, but in the year (?) that i've owned them, i've probably told 45 people (lies, maybe 12?) to buy them and almost everyone i've been with while wearing them to try them on. I'm still amazed how beautiful a traffic light can look on the way to work, or how the already inviting, nay beconing grass and trees outside my stuffy office windows can seem exuberant and vibrant. Please believe me when i say, rose coloured glasses are so last season, these Vintage Inspired gems are really the eyes you should see the world through. (no, i'm not earning comission on every pair sold... but i wish that i was!) I quite literally want to buy them out and lock 50 pairs away to make sure that i never have to live without them.

If/When i make "Weetzie Bat: The Movie"... i can gurantee, the film will be shot thru a lens from these specks.

i promise...

luvs it*

ps- i apologize for ranting, raving, carrying on & of course, drifting off... about 1/5 of the way into this post, i popped on of the last pain pills to tend to my aching dental sockets from which my wisdom had been yanked last friday... i'm a bit loopy, a bit foggy & i'm affraid more than a bit loose with my wide vocabulary while medicated. I'm actually starting to drift a bit, even now... i don't believe a post script is supposed to be very long... or have more than one idea... i'd better go. :o) luvs u all*

p.p.s.- anyone reading this before photos have been added, i will add them shortly.. the 'ol iBook isn't luv'n me tonight, i fear it may take days to try adding photos at this point. soon my darlings, for now, sleep... tomorrow - BRYAN GREENBERG IN CONCERT IN NYC! omg drool!


  1. Hi, about those glass, I have to agree that they make the world look fabulous. It's not limited to that brand though, if you look you will see that it is 400 UVB or something. It cuts out a lot of the glare of the sun. Whenever I buy shades I make sure they are 400. Why wear anything else?

  2. Haha you are so random! But those glasses are so fabulous! And CHEAP! My god!

    Will have to see Penelope ASAP.

  3. hahaa, good to know kimolisa! you're a wiser gal than i!!!

    too bad for bleudame though, i was considering spreading the word about their magic happy shades!!!

    Sassy: see it asap!!! & yes, i normally am random. this post, however is a littttle over the top due to the drugs i was on for my wisdom teeth extraction!!!

    Glad to see you ladies on my site!!!

  4. deffff just gave you an award!! check it out :)

  5. u really just now became a follower of my blog!? lol

  6. just found your blog from novelista barista! cant wait to read more :)

  7. Whatever you do, don't wash your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. I did that and it made my dental socket really wonky. Good luck making a movie. A really great book that might help you pull it together is called "Save the Cat."


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