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what happens in Vegas..... get's written about on my blog!

Ok. so i feel like i'm failing miserably as a Blogger.. Blogger? Bloggie? Bloggette?!

I started off kinda strong, but i think i missed a step (y'know... that whole... FIND PEOPLE TO READ YOUR SHIT part)... well, i'm hoping that my few readers (luvs ur faces!) will continue to peer into my world for a few mins at a time. (you have to admit.. at least there's always pretty stuff to look at...)

SO, here's a few things that have been going on in my usually boring life:


it was a-mazing. I went w/ Amy CakeFace (Amy, BFFer from work) , Rickdiculous (Rick, friend from work) & Booby (Bobby, friend through Rick).
We stayed at the lovely MGM Grand. It was pretty spectacular. I won some, lost some, got in a fight with the Indiana Jones slot machine & got very upset (being in luv w/ Shia, i thought i'd have better luck on that one... but Indie was being stuborn & took my $5... what a bitch...)
We gambled at Paris (b-e-a-utiful. if you go to vegas, go to paris). Tequila Ricky (tequilia shot tour down the strip turned the boys into their obnoxious, 5 year old, rambunxious selves... aka Tequila Ricky & Tequlia Bobby... oiy)... Anyway, Tequila Ricky had the line of the trip (well, one anyway) throwing his hands in the air out to the side, facing the sky with a goofy grin & drunkie eyes & pulling the air toward him with his wiggeling finger tips stated

"i LOVE paris... it's always sunny here!"
it was cute... until i lost $70 on the god damn rulette table. Our dealer doode, Haroon (like harpoon, but not) was kinda laughing at me... what a dick. i told him we were no longer friends.

Then we met Dave. the boys were one red bull vod from going totes gay for Dave the Casino War dealer. He was awesome, but then he was gone. just like our money, booze, some of our dignity & like my ability to walk... (Please be warned, walking the strip is not friends with wearing heels... yes, i know, i'm a moron.. it was also the first night, FML.com...)

We (me & amy) got us (all 4) into Prive for Lil John's party... nbd (cough cough NAME DROP cough) where we met...

Shmandy Shmiloshmakus (Andy Milonakis)!!!
I made out w/ some dude that looked like Chandler Bing/Michael J. Fox or something. Amy & I danced up on some surface living out (partially) our dreams of being Vegas Go-Go girls, and were left in Planet Hollywood by the dumb boys.
Amy & i went to the Bellagio hotel buffet. Good, but not worth $45. If you go to vegas, & go to a buffet... go to a cheaper one. i wish i hadn't spent that kinda money on a buffet (which i ended up puking up anyway...)

Days were spent poolside at the MGM Lazy River (awesome) were we chatted up some boys & Amy met her luv... tragically, he couldn't see us that night & then we came back to the shit hole, i mean, CT... he was truley wonderful though. a real gentleman who even escorted me to the ladies room when i wasn't sure of where it was. he did want to hurry back to our lounging area though, as he didn't want to leave amy alone for too long, saying that he "missed her" (after we'd only walked to the b.room about 40 feet away...). hey ame, you go girl. rocked it!

Ghost Bar was un-fucking-real (the first pic is there, looking at the view). being 55 stories up, overlooking the entire city was pretty sicktastic. Too bad it was a dead night, and the 3 hot guys that i was about to bump into gave off a wiff of Gay that me, rick & amy all caught at the same time. (no, they weren't like all of a sudden very obviously gay, we just all at the same time got the vibe). Poo-poo, they were pretty, and i wanted to have them. not for keeps, just to borrow.
We migrated from ghost bar (which now that i think about it is ironic that it was dead... liek a ghost town... a ghost bar... haha) back down & through the Palms to the Playboy club & onto Moon where we saw Chuck Liddell (scary scary man!) and mother fucking NELLY touched my back as he walked by. Amy & i danced our pants off (which was weird, bc we were in dresses) and had a blasty. My fancy shoes lasted longer than i thought they would before i gave in & changed to flops.

I met another boy named Walter (i... think...) who was a lovely boy with great style (even though i KNOW he must have been overheated). We danced & it rained bubble-suds. His brother (Marcus?) had killer moves & moonwalked around us all as amy looked like a *rockstar* in her GORG new BCBG dress. but... buzz kill alert... once again... we were left by the stupid boys.
So that was basically our trip... i flew on a plane for the first and second time. i didn't die. (whooohoooo!)

i saved the best part for last...

Amy & I... went to the Mirage... & saw...

Cirque del Sole show based on the Beatles Music.

it was the most inspired and heartbreakingly wonderful thing i've ever seen in my silly little life. I literally sat there in awe and wonder. i don't think i'll ever bee the same. tears of absolute joy fought their way out of me. That show changed my life. (but that kinda sounds silly...)

see it... immediately... anyone who can. don't waste your damn time w/ something dumb. see it. it needs to be seen. it needs to be shared. it needs to be LUVD!

i hope that you enjoyed reading about my trip. More to come soon (i hope).

luvs it*


  1. loveeee those pictures they are soooo cutee!!!!!!! u look hot mami :)
    and that u had fun! and that i should have been there!!!

  2. Omg I LOVE VEGAS. Like I want to go right now...I love the pics!



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