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Golden Years in Gelderland...

A Knights Tale:

There's really no reason for me to post this other than the fact that i want to! haha. this is one of the best scenes in a movie ever. i luvvv it. One of my favourite songs, one of my favourite actors (miss you h.ledger, rip). I think that the best thing about this movie was the modern aspects sprinkled throughout the medieval story line; the opening scene where the crowd "bang, bang, clap"s to Queen's "We Will Rock You" during the jousting match, the slow walk from The Right Stuff (1983) and of course Kate the Blacksmiths marker being the Nike symbol.

The soundtrack rocks out with quintessentials from Thin Lizzy's "The Boys are Back in Town", Robbie Williams & Queen's "We are the Champions" & BTO (Bachman Turner Overdrive) "Taking Care of Business" which prooves that with a little thought, the perfect cocktail can be made from mixing the right amount of the 1970's and the 1370's... 600 years pulled together by the missing link, good 'ole Classic Rock.

"Director Brian Helgeland once said in an interview that he had a simple explanation for the use of modern music in the movie. He said that he felt it would show people today what people then felt about their music. When true Renaissance music is used in movies today it fails to convey the emotional response that people back then had to such music. Helgeland used modern music to try to elicit an emotional response in the movie audience akin to what medieval people would have felt when hearing the music of that time."
- From IMDB.com
The movie has so much meaning behind it with it's connection to Chaucer and his missing 6 month missing period. This is a perfect story to fit in the real time missed in the history books, but much more charming than anything anyone has put forth for the missing 12 years of Jesus' life in the bible & just a bit cuter than Michelle Williams professing her luv on tape and singing Olivia Newton John's "I Honestly Love You" for Nixon's infamous missing 18 mins. The movie explains how Chaucer (Bettany) went from being mysteriously gone for 6 months and then coming back to write "The Knight's Tale" in the Canterbury Tales, sighting both characters Peter the Pardoner and Simon the Summoner.


But, in my eyes, the best part of this film, better than Will (ledger) calling Jocelyn (Sossamon) a "foxy lady" or Wat (Tudyk) telling Jocelyn that "it's called a lance.. helllooooo!?", is the scene that still give me chills... the dance improvised from Gelderland... in these oh so, Golden Years...

never gets old...

luvs it*


  1. it`s called a LANCE, hello!


  2. This movie never gets credit for being awesome! I have always like it. I always cry when he is reunited w/his father. But thats between you and me.


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