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Too Hot Tuesdays!

This is a NEW weekly trend. I think that most of us should agree that looking at yum-tastic boys should be an everyday event, not just once a week... but i think that there is some sort of addicts group out there somewhere that may agree i should stand up, in front of the room & say

"Hi, My name is Spanky, & i'm boy crazy."

So, we'll make it a weekly occurance (for the most part).
First week...

Bryan Greenberg

This yummy Omaha, NE native seriously lights my fire. I was lucky enough to see him play on June 18th at the Highline Ballroom in the Meat Packing District in NY. Oooo, it was amaaazing. Every song from "Someday" with it's beautifully acoustic lyrics...

"I drive all night just to see your face The way you touch the way you taste Even if only for a day I'll come back to you someday"

to the cheeky cute lyrics of "i sorta have a girlfriend" which raised quite the fuss when he started singing it at the concert.

Oh Bryan Greenberg, how perfectly quaffed your hair is. How precious you are with your puppy eyes. How sexy you are with your... body...

I first discovered B. Greenberg as Jake Jagielski on "One Tree Hill" a few years ago when i picked up the show. I then saw him in a few episodes of "Boston Public" when that became my syndication obsession. Eventually, my addiction became more sever when i started watching "October Road" (yes, in syndication) and when i heard the boy sing... i was toast! I went to see Bride Wars 60% too see him play the small role of Nate, Kate Hudson's brother and dragged a good (guy) friend of mine to see the WEIRDO (& awwwesome) flick "Nobel Son" where Greenberg played Alan Rickman's son, Barkley Michaelson. (see it. it's awesome.) When i had the chance to see him in concert... i HAD to go. While i was there, he mentioned his new show, "How to Make it in America" to start in the Fall of 2009. I BELIEVE that the show will be on HBO and also stars rapper Kid Cudi and, previous post chica, Shannon Sossamon! I'm sooo stoked!!!

buy his CD ("waiting for now"), watch his shows, rent his movies, drool over his photos.

luvs it*

words to live by...

This goes out to my bestie who's hurting today. I'm not sure if it will help, but i hope that it will at least plant a seed of hope in her heart.

"If we do not change our direction,
we are likely to end up where we are headed."
-chinese proverb

Remember this BFFer lady...
It's the truth.

luvs u & luvs it*


Golden Years in Gelderland...

A Knights Tale:

There's really no reason for me to post this other than the fact that i want to! haha. this is one of the best scenes in a movie ever. i luvvv it. One of my favourite songs, one of my favourite actors (miss you h.ledger, rip). I think that the best thing about this movie was the modern aspects sprinkled throughout the medieval story line; the opening scene where the crowd "bang, bang, clap"s to Queen's "We Will Rock You" during the jousting match, the slow walk from The Right Stuff (1983) and of course Kate the Blacksmiths marker being the Nike symbol.

The soundtrack rocks out with quintessentials from Thin Lizzy's "The Boys are Back in Town", Robbie Williams & Queen's "We are the Champions" & BTO (Bachman Turner Overdrive) "Taking Care of Business" which prooves that with a little thought, the perfect cocktail can be made from mixing the right amount of the 1970's and the 1370's... 600 years pulled together by the missing link, good 'ole Classic Rock.

"Director Brian Helgeland once said in an interview that he had a simple explanation for the use of modern music in the movie. He said that he felt it would show people today what people then felt about their music. When true Renaissance music is used in movies today it fails to convey the emotional response that people back then had to such music. Helgeland used modern music to try to elicit an emotional response in the movie audience akin to what medieval people would have felt when hearing the music of that time."
- From IMDB.com
The movie has so much meaning behind it with it's connection to Chaucer and his missing 6 month missing period. This is a perfect story to fit in the real time missed in the history books, but much more charming than anything anyone has put forth for the missing 12 years of Jesus' life in the bible & just a bit cuter than Michelle Williams professing her luv on tape and singing Olivia Newton John's "I Honestly Love You" for Nixon's infamous missing 18 mins. The movie explains how Chaucer (Bettany) went from being mysteriously gone for 6 months and then coming back to write "The Knight's Tale" in the Canterbury Tales, sighting both characters Peter the Pardoner and Simon the Summoner.


But, in my eyes, the best part of this film, better than Will (ledger) calling Jocelyn (Sossamon) a "foxy lady" or Wat (Tudyk) telling Jocelyn that "it's called a lance.. helllooooo!?", is the scene that still give me chills... the dance improvised from Gelderland... in these oh so, Golden Years...

never gets old...

luvs it*


a little trip down memory lane...

This may be a weekly thing... a little stroll down memory lane for all your children of the 80's (& 90's)

luvs Randy Newman, luvs school house rock, luvs this video...

luvvvs it*


two things amazing...

So, i bitch & moan about not having the time to post & here i am, posting for the 4th time today..

a real quick side note... on my way home in a complete cats & dogs disaster outside, scared of trees falling on my soft top car & crushing me, my car decides it's a great time to stall out & NOT TURN BACK ON!... garr... thank god i was close to my girl Katya's house. She came to my rescue & took me back to her house. I called the AT&T road side assistance & had a lovely conversation with a fellow Customer Service agent who booked me a tow truck. but.. then.. yuck.. while on the way back down the BUSIEST road in my town to get to Katya's car, i stepped on a slug... ewwwewewewewwwww~ the poor thing didn't stand a chance being stuck between my foot & my flop. grosss...

&... with that luvly story...

The two amazing things are...

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2010)

When things like this are released, i have a very torn, slightly schitsophrenic episode. I become so excited & happy for the release of the film, but, at the same time, incredibly sad & angry with myself for not having been a star yet so that I could have been IN it! I felt that way about Moulin Rouge, Charlies Angels (but i got over that one...) & a few others (honestly, i'm drawing a blank) but i mean it, the first thing i thought of when i heard about T. Burton's newest venture was "FUCK! WHY AM I NOT IN THIS!?!?!" I have adored the bed time acid trip since i was a child. The walrus & the carpenter is one of my absolute favourite pieces of written word and i find myself quoting the Disney version on a weekly basis ("there g
oes Bill... poor Bill" "We don't want weeds in our bed" "aWHO aARE aYOU" "twinkle... twinkle... little bat...." i have literally said eveyone of those lines at least once in the past month... i wonder if people find me terribly annoying...). I was so weepie over the fact that i'd missed out on being in one of the best stories being told by one of the BEST story tellers. boo hoo. i shal cry so much that i will flood the parlor & float away towards the DoDo bird in a glass bottle ("the boooottle... the BOTTTTTLE"-door knob)

I've seen a few sneak peeks & so far.. amazed. (even though the mad hatter looks a litttttle bit too much like what i picture the boogie man must look like.)

the Tweedles are a bit scary, but Helena Bonham Carter looks fantastic as the Red Queen Anne Hathaway is a vision as the White Queen.

The lucky little girl playing Alice is Mia Wasikowska whom I luvd in In Treatment with Gabriel Byrne. (The show i wasn't a huge fan of & was a bit overwhelmed with the fact that there was a different person for each day. i liked the concept, but opted to only watch Wednesday, as it was Sophie day.)

I'm very excited to have t. burton blow my mind once again. i've been taken on so many glorious adventures with this brilliant man; to Fleet Street, a Chocolate Factory, Halloween Town, Gotham City & even around the world & back to London in a Giant Peach. I don't think i'll be disapointed.

Toy Story 3 (2010)

Yes! 3!!! Wooohoooo! My FAV pixar film of allll time (yes, we all love nemo and there is something sweet about talking tow trucks) has come back AGAIN! I cannnnotttt wait to see what HILARIOUS shananigans insue with Woody, Buzz, Ham, Mr. Potato Head & ESPECIALLY Slink the doxie dog!!! I don't know too mch about this yet, but i'll write more when i do!!!

luvvvs it*

Foto Friday

Ok, in an attempt to become more organized with my blogging, i'm going to start theme days. For now, I will be using friday to post a beautiful photo (er.. Foto if you will) that i'm currently in luv with for whatever reason.

Today's photo was found on the Backgrounds App on my iPod. It was submitted by someone on Flickr, but the application makes it very difficult to find out whom.

This image was the piece i designed my new blog layout after. I think that i may update the layout to reflect the true mod-osity of this flower.

It really is 60s-tastic beautiful.

luvs it*


i'm very very frustrated right now...

i want to be a bloggie babe, i really do. i would absolutely love to have wireless internet and spend my days in cafes drinking tea and eating baguettes with cheese or beaches with my toesies in the sand, or even just in my damn bathtub leaning over the edge to type & drink Pinot Grigio while blogging all day about every little thought and flutter in my head, heart and sometimes, my gut.

i would love to do so... but i can't. the universe will not allow me to. the fastest computer that i have access to is my work computer. This means that while my hour lunch break flies by I have to try to do the things that will require a fast computer. This almost ALWAYS means that actually writting (the whole POINT to this blog thing) comes in last place everytime. like a sad, short legged pony at the Kentucky Derby. Writting is the best part, but it is hard to keep doing it with a smile when you don't think anyone is ever reading it. If no one reads your blog, hate to say it but, Congrats, you have a Diary...

I have a notebook with lists & lists of things that i want to write about. I felt that i needed to be timely and post my previous entry on the tragic passings of M.Jackson & F.Fawcett. A good journalist knows that you must keep with the times no matter what you've been dying to organize your thoughts around for weeks before that. So, my other ideas will wait... along with anything else i felt i wanted to say to you now... because alas... it is 3:33 & i took lunch at 2:40... & i must smoke a cigarette...

i just hope that i can get on the board before the wave passes or else i fear my blog will end up like the lunch i barely ate... cold soup.

luvs the IDEA of it*

R.I.P. to the legends of yesterday


This is undoubtedly one of my favourite songs... like.. ever...
I remember getting really into it after Center Stage came out in 2000, about the same exact time that i blew out my knee & had to stop dancing (::holding back tears::). This song was all of a sudden back in "center stage" (if you will..). Michael Jackson may have had his issues, we can't deny that, but we also can't forget the absolute greatness that was the King of Pop. He is arguably one of, if not THE most influential peeople (person) of the last 20 years.
I don't care what anyone says, he is a legend and a trailblazer. I hope that he rests in peace & moonwalks in heaven.

Farrah Fawcett:

This trendsetting super star is seriously one of my idols. She amazes me w/ how strong she could be, putting herself out there until the end. It takes a lot of class & courage to allow your final days to be broadcasted to the world. The iconic blonde dream first became a star when she played Jill Munroe in 1969's Charlie's Angels and she will be remembered as just that, America's Angel.

she will be missed, she will be admired.

luvs to you both*


a change... will do you good... (& other drug induced ridiculosities!)

So, i'd really like a new blog look.

my BFFer, Jennifer, told me that the black background was a little "eh..". after a momentary blip of bitter defensiveness, i agreed.

my problem now is; how do i do so?

Ok, so i'm getting there, but i'm not great with figuring out this blog junk. i feel constricted within the confines of the provided layout. How does one upload a beautiful background image for their blog?

how? HELP!

moving on...

I'm watching Penelope.

very adorable. i feel bad that i haven't seen this movie thus far.

over the past week i have completely turned over in my chair for wonderful James McAvoy... oooo

i've seen Becoming Jane, Chronicles of Narnia, Penelope, & rewatched Wanted . he's so lovely. i think that it may be time for a revised (or... expanded...) list...

NO! i shant get distracted from things of more importance! Being boy crazy can't stop me from being productive!

This movie is so delightfully wonderful. I am in luv with it. I recomend that everyone sees it, immediately. Not only is Penelope my puppy's middle name (Miss Holly Penelope GoLightly, the long haired miniature dachshund), and not only is it full of some of my favourite people (Childhood hero Christini Ricci, Scottish rockstar luv James McAvoy, the perfectly awful Catherine O'Hara, and sister of the blonde Reese Witherspoon) but it's just so pretty! I'm a dreadful sucker for these movies with a fairyland glow and a mystical tint. (see also; Nanny McPhee, Big Fish, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Borrowers, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Imporium, Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge, even the Crazytown music video for "Butterfly" & at least 3 more that i'm clearly blanking on - i'm sorry!)

... here's a secret into the deep depths of my soul...

........ are you ready?

............... are you sure?


My life's dream, what i feel like i was put on this earth to do (at least for starters) is to make a movie, in these brilliant tones and hues of the book "Weetzie Bat" by Francesca Lia Block (my absolute fantasy literary hero).

It would be the perfect story to tell. My whole life i feel has been altered by this book. This is definately, although not life changing in the eyes of the world like Mein Kompf, The Bible, or even The Catcher in the Rye, it has been 100% influential on the way i view life, love and especially the art of the spoken (or written) word.

One day i will bring the radiant visions in my head of Weetzie and her pals to the big screen and invite the world to see what has been my favourite bedtime story since i was 11.

last weird little tid bit for the night...

These glasses are AMAZING. they are magic glasses that make everything look amazing. Not going to lie, i bought them because they were cute, HUGE and cheap, but in the year (?) that i've owned them, i've probably told 45 people (lies, maybe 12?) to buy them and almost everyone i've been with while wearing them to try them on. I'm still amazed how beautiful a traffic light can look on the way to work, or how the already inviting, nay beconing grass and trees outside my stuffy office windows can seem exuberant and vibrant. Please believe me when i say, rose coloured glasses are so last season, these Vintage Inspired gems are really the eyes you should see the world through. (no, i'm not earning comission on every pair sold... but i wish that i was!) I quite literally want to buy them out and lock 50 pairs away to make sure that i never have to live without them.

If/When i make "Weetzie Bat: The Movie"... i can gurantee, the film will be shot thru a lens from these specks.

i promise...

luvs it*

ps- i apologize for ranting, raving, carrying on & of course, drifting off... about 1/5 of the way into this post, i popped on of the last pain pills to tend to my aching dental sockets from which my wisdom had been yanked last friday... i'm a bit loopy, a bit foggy & i'm affraid more than a bit loose with my wide vocabulary while medicated. I'm actually starting to drift a bit, even now... i don't believe a post script is supposed to be very long... or have more than one idea... i'd better go. :o) luvs u all*

p.p.s.- anyone reading this before photos have been added, i will add them shortly.. the 'ol iBook isn't luv'n me tonight, i fear it may take days to try adding photos at this point. soon my darlings, for now, sleep... tomorrow - BRYAN GREENBERG IN CONCERT IN NYC! omg drool!

more on Ronnie luv*

See everyone? he TOTALLY deserves to win this little contest!

the sweetheart wrote back to me on Facebook to thank me for my vote & my post!


**URGENT: Ronnie needs your vote!!
Between You and Ronnie Kroell

Today at 2:34pm
Dearest Ronnie,

not ONLY did i vote for your fine self, but i posted about it on my blog!!!

check it out if you have a chance!!!

best of luck!!!

Today at 3:11pm
How sweet are you Sara!! Thank you SO much ..


Today at 5:41pm
of course love! i wish you the best!!!

keep me updated with anything else you'd like me to post (i wish i could say that i had more followers, but i'm working on it!)

luvs u & luvs ur life*

Ronnie luv*

Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket Manhunt

lets all vote to get Ronnie (of Make Me a Super Model season 1 fame) the new (& beautiful) face of Urban Decay!!!

good luck Ronnie!!!

luvs it!!!


take a bite!

how clever!!

i luvs this idea. i'm not the biggest Snow White fan, but i absolutely luv the idea of clever classic silliness like this. i just wish that somehow you could make the apple light up RED!


i'm not really sure where this comes from, or where one would get it... but when googling for a case for my hopeful new compie, i found this, & thought i'd share. :o)

luvs it*


what happens in Vegas..... get's written about on my blog!

Ok. so i feel like i'm failing miserably as a Blogger.. Blogger? Bloggie? Bloggette?!

I started off kinda strong, but i think i missed a step (y'know... that whole... FIND PEOPLE TO READ YOUR SHIT part)... well, i'm hoping that my few readers (luvs ur faces!) will continue to peer into my world for a few mins at a time. (you have to admit.. at least there's always pretty stuff to look at...)

SO, here's a few things that have been going on in my usually boring life:


it was a-mazing. I went w/ Amy CakeFace (Amy, BFFer from work) , Rickdiculous (Rick, friend from work) & Booby (Bobby, friend through Rick).
We stayed at the lovely MGM Grand. It was pretty spectacular. I won some, lost some, got in a fight with the Indiana Jones slot machine & got very upset (being in luv w/ Shia, i thought i'd have better luck on that one... but Indie was being stuborn & took my $5... what a bitch...)
We gambled at Paris (b-e-a-utiful. if you go to vegas, go to paris). Tequila Ricky (tequilia shot tour down the strip turned the boys into their obnoxious, 5 year old, rambunxious selves... aka Tequila Ricky & Tequlia Bobby... oiy)... Anyway, Tequila Ricky had the line of the trip (well, one anyway) throwing his hands in the air out to the side, facing the sky with a goofy grin & drunkie eyes & pulling the air toward him with his wiggeling finger tips stated

"i LOVE paris... it's always sunny here!"
it was cute... until i lost $70 on the god damn rulette table. Our dealer doode, Haroon (like harpoon, but not) was kinda laughing at me... what a dick. i told him we were no longer friends.

Then we met Dave. the boys were one red bull vod from going totes gay for Dave the Casino War dealer. He was awesome, but then he was gone. just like our money, booze, some of our dignity & like my ability to walk... (Please be warned, walking the strip is not friends with wearing heels... yes, i know, i'm a moron.. it was also the first night, FML.com...)

We (me & amy) got us (all 4) into Prive for Lil John's party... nbd (cough cough NAME DROP cough) where we met...

Shmandy Shmiloshmakus (Andy Milonakis)!!!
I made out w/ some dude that looked like Chandler Bing/Michael J. Fox or something. Amy & I danced up on some surface living out (partially) our dreams of being Vegas Go-Go girls, and were left in Planet Hollywood by the dumb boys.
Amy & i went to the Bellagio hotel buffet. Good, but not worth $45. If you go to vegas, & go to a buffet... go to a cheaper one. i wish i hadn't spent that kinda money on a buffet (which i ended up puking up anyway...)

Days were spent poolside at the MGM Lazy River (awesome) were we chatted up some boys & Amy met her luv... tragically, he couldn't see us that night & then we came back to the shit hole, i mean, CT... he was truley wonderful though. a real gentleman who even escorted me to the ladies room when i wasn't sure of where it was. he did want to hurry back to our lounging area though, as he didn't want to leave amy alone for too long, saying that he "missed her" (after we'd only walked to the b.room about 40 feet away...). hey ame, you go girl. rocked it!

Ghost Bar was un-fucking-real (the first pic is there, looking at the view). being 55 stories up, overlooking the entire city was pretty sicktastic. Too bad it was a dead night, and the 3 hot guys that i was about to bump into gave off a wiff of Gay that me, rick & amy all caught at the same time. (no, they weren't like all of a sudden very obviously gay, we just all at the same time got the vibe). Poo-poo, they were pretty, and i wanted to have them. not for keeps, just to borrow.
We migrated from ghost bar (which now that i think about it is ironic that it was dead... liek a ghost town... a ghost bar... haha) back down & through the Palms to the Playboy club & onto Moon where we saw Chuck Liddell (scary scary man!) and mother fucking NELLY touched my back as he walked by. Amy & i danced our pants off (which was weird, bc we were in dresses) and had a blasty. My fancy shoes lasted longer than i thought they would before i gave in & changed to flops.

I met another boy named Walter (i... think...) who was a lovely boy with great style (even though i KNOW he must have been overheated). We danced & it rained bubble-suds. His brother (Marcus?) had killer moves & moonwalked around us all as amy looked like a *rockstar* in her GORG new BCBG dress. but... buzz kill alert... once again... we were left by the stupid boys.
So that was basically our trip... i flew on a plane for the first and second time. i didn't die. (whooohoooo!)

i saved the best part for last...

Amy & I... went to the Mirage... & saw...

Cirque del Sole show based on the Beatles Music.

it was the most inspired and heartbreakingly wonderful thing i've ever seen in my silly little life. I literally sat there in awe and wonder. i don't think i'll ever bee the same. tears of absolute joy fought their way out of me. That show changed my life. (but that kinda sounds silly...)

see it... immediately... anyone who can. don't waste your damn time w/ something dumb. see it. it needs to be seen. it needs to be shared. it needs to be LUVD!

i hope that you enjoyed reading about my trip. More to come soon (i hope).

luvs it*
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