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my naked fridge.

thank god we MOVED!

I am finally starting to feel at home in this new state now that we are moved into our NEW APARTMENT!!!

i'm so in luv with our new place & i can't wait to decorate it, make it our own, take a million photos & show all of you!

BUT, i need your help!

We have an embarassingly naked fridge that desperately needs some magnets.

i've asked a few friends to send me magnets from where they are (so far, i'm expecting one from London & one from Texas - so random!), but we need more!

If any of you would be willing to send me a super awesome magnet from where you are, i'd be SOO stoked to put it up on my fridge & of COURSE take a photo & post it!

If you're willing to do so, e-mail me at Spankylusit@gmail.com with the subject "naked fridge" & i'll give you my mailing address!

Thank you!!!

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the "plastic bag" feeling.

sometimes i feel like a broken soul...
like, my heart has holes in it, & with a passing movement of something beautiful, the hole is filled, just for a fleeting second, & when that happens, the blood in my veins is velvet.
its an instant. i'm in over my head before i have a chance to stop myself. i'll quake, i'll sob, goose-bumps, tears.
I can't explain it. it could be anything. Its happened all my life. Its happened at museums, during movies, sometimes i'm lucky enough to be alone, sometimes i'm surrounded by people.

i can't always pin point its meaning until it's over, & sometimes not even then.

was it sorrow? love? pain? utter joy?

it just happened to me. I was just sitting, alone in my room, eating guacamole & watching that new ABC Family show, HUGE. [the show is about a Fat camp, starring Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray & David Hasslehoff's daughter, Hayley]
The premise of the episode was Talent Night at the camp. Ian, friend to tough chick Will(imina), played by Blonsky, had found her journal, not knowing it was hers & was extremely inspired by a poem he read inside. He wrote this song, using bits of the poem.

this might sound silly, but it was so beautiful, i kinda lost my shit. All of a sudden, i'm sitting here, guac tortilla in hand, ear budz in my ears, tears streaming down my face.

the lyrics are:

"Why does time move forward and never end? Why cant I somehow become a child again? I'd it right this time, I'd it right this time, I'd it right, this time. Ooh,. Ooh Snow would fall upwards dead leaves would turn green, I'd be a version of myself i've never seen. I'd it right this time, I'd it right this time, I'd it right this time. Ooh, Ooh The snow falls down and dead leaves break apart. Yeah, things fall down and people break your heart, And people break your heart. Time moves forward so does this song, Which i can barely write. So I'll write it wrong,. I'll write it wrong this time, Cause wrong is right this time. Lets do it right this time"

when this rush of my soul feeling full & tickled by the beauty or sadness or spiritual awakening, what-have-you, when this happens, i can't help but think of the plastic bag in American Beauty

"sometimes there's so much beauty, in the world, i feel like i can't take it. my heart, is just going to, cave in."

i feel exposed.

i just thought i'd share that moment with you all.

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dear santa: Cuffz by Linz


i'd die. i've wanted one of these bags for sooooo long. please, please please can i have one? i don't even need a crazy-nutso-ridiculous one, just a basic black will be fine!!!

The brand, Cuffz by Linz are going on sale soon [no exact date known] on SeenOn.com.

Join SeenOn.com now to ask your fashion questions, get mad discounts on designer duds & [the koolest part, i think] read the SeenOn.com blog which allows you to SHOP by SHOW!

i found this site while looking for info on one of K. Cavallari's tops & foudn the whole luvly site.

[f.book fan Seen On, tweet follow Seen On.]
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book six: Violet & Claire

 six down &  nine to go to reach my "expert" level reading goal!

part of me feels like i'm cheating a bit because these books aren't all really at the level i should be reading... (cough cough young adult section cough) & this is a book i've already read (some odd 10 years ago?), so it's more of a re-read, but, i'm counting it for now.

This is another book by Francesca Lia Block, my wonder-woman idol Queen.
Violet & Claire is such a great story written in 3 parts. First, we hear from Violet, then the story continues, but from Claire's p.o.v., then, we watched it all in bird's eye from the 3rd party perspective. the imagery is phenom & i'm really happy that i re-read it.

This is def a book i'd swap with a friend & i totes recommed it. it's a great summer read, too!

ps: some of you may have seen, in my previous posts, that this is actually book 7 for 2010, but i'd rather not get into the book i read before this one, so i'm going to keep it to myself & keep on with the count.

have you read it?
what did you think?
[any books to recommend
i add to my list of "to read",
please comment them! 
-you can also see my 
virtual book shelf here!]
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thirsty thursdays: Jack & Ginger

This drink is not even close to complicated, nor unknown. It's not all that creative & i'm not sharing any great, well hidden secret recipe by "spilling the beans" about this drink.

but, since i'm sick & feel feverish, i'm having one of my favourite sickie-face remedies.

Jack & Ginger

one time, i went to a friends house when i was in serious need of somewhere other than the couch, after being sick for days & developing serious cabin fever, as well as my sickie fever. My friend picked me up, took my to his casa & fixed me a J&G. An hour later, i felt great! The next day, my fever broke & i was on the way to recovery. Who knows if it was just timing, the cold meds, or the remedy of Mr. Daniels & Ms. Ale. 

  • Ice
  • Jack Daniels
  • Ginger ale
  • lime

bottoms up, i hope you don't have to find out if this drink cures the common shitty feeling!
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::cough:: ::cough:: sick ::cough::...

i'm miserable.

i'm home alone & i'm so sick.

i have a brutal cough, stuffy sinuses, hot breath, i think i have a fever, i'm achey, i have a tummy ache, i'm pms'n & i have a sun burn to boot.

:( damnit.

spending the day in bed.

don't you hate how sinus pressure makes your teeth ache? ugh. i fucking hate it.

let's see... silver lining.. silver lining... umm... i have a bunch of shows to catch up on with hulu!? haha that's about the best i can come up with for a silver lining to end on a positive note. Oh, & i finished another book last week. i'll write about that soon. :)

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screw 7D

I'm moving again!!!

Thank GOD!

i can't take it here anymore!!!

Bazinga, Kiki & I are all moving to a different apartment in the same complex. screw this place.

more soon...

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Who met Tom Green?


Bazinga, B.Verbie & I went to see Tom Green's stand up last night at the Irvine Improv Theatre. We sat in the front section, centre & were right in his line of sight the whole time.

It was SOO funnny & we got to meet Tom while we stood in line before the show, he came up to our table a bunch of times DURING the show (kept high fiving B.Verbie) & we got to meet him & have this picture with him AFTER the show!!!

My celeb "i've met..." list has just been bumped up!

What celebitties have you met? Who is on your list?

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