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dear santa: Cuffz by Linz


i'd die. i've wanted one of these bags for sooooo long. please, please please can i have one? i don't even need a crazy-nutso-ridiculous one, just a basic black will be fine!!!

The brand, Cuffz by Linz are going on sale soon [no exact date known] on SeenOn.com.

Join SeenOn.com now to ask your fashion questions, get mad discounts on designer duds & [the koolest part, i think] read the SeenOn.com blog which allows you to SHOP by SHOW!

i found this site while looking for info on one of K. Cavallari's tops & foudn the whole luvly site.

[f.book fan Seen On, tweet follow Seen On.]
luvs it*

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  1. this reminds me I need a new purse and I love this one it's lovely!


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