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thirsty thursdays: Jack & Ginger

This drink is not even close to complicated, nor unknown. It's not all that creative & i'm not sharing any great, well hidden secret recipe by "spilling the beans" about this drink.

but, since i'm sick & feel feverish, i'm having one of my favourite sickie-face remedies.

Jack & Ginger

one time, i went to a friends house when i was in serious need of somewhere other than the couch, after being sick for days & developing serious cabin fever, as well as my sickie fever. My friend picked me up, took my to his casa & fixed me a J&G. An hour later, i felt great! The next day, my fever broke & i was on the way to recovery. Who knows if it was just timing, the cold meds, or the remedy of Mr. Daniels & Ms. Ale. 

  • Ice
  • Jack Daniels
  • Ginger ale
  • lime

bottoms up, i hope you don't have to find out if this drink cures the common shitty feeling!
luvs it*


  1. AM so trying this, sounds yummy:)

  2. Jameson & Ginger is ever so slightly better, but then... it is a smooth whiskey.

  3. There's an old joke from humorist Dave Barry that goes, "I treat my colds with beer. Since I adopted this treatment, I have not had a single cold. That I can remember clearly."


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