diary of a manic obsessive.


::cough:: ::cough:: sick ::cough::...

i'm miserable.

i'm home alone & i'm so sick.

i have a brutal cough, stuffy sinuses, hot breath, i think i have a fever, i'm achey, i have a tummy ache, i'm pms'n & i have a sun burn to boot.

:( damnit.

spending the day in bed.

don't you hate how sinus pressure makes your teeth ache? ugh. i fucking hate it.

let's see... silver lining.. silver lining... umm... i have a bunch of shows to catch up on with hulu!? haha that's about the best i can come up with for a silver lining to end on a positive note. Oh, & i finished another book last week. i'll write about that soon. :)

luvs it*

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  1. poor baby :(! Sounds awful and I hope you feel better soon girly :)!


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