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book six: Violet & Claire

 six down &  nine to go to reach my "expert" level reading goal!

part of me feels like i'm cheating a bit because these books aren't all really at the level i should be reading... (cough cough young adult section cough) & this is a book i've already read (some odd 10 years ago?), so it's more of a re-read, but, i'm counting it for now.

This is another book by Francesca Lia Block, my wonder-woman idol Queen.
Violet & Claire is such a great story written in 3 parts. First, we hear from Violet, then the story continues, but from Claire's p.o.v., then, we watched it all in bird's eye from the 3rd party perspective. the imagery is phenom & i'm really happy that i re-read it.

This is def a book i'd swap with a friend & i totes recommed it. it's a great summer read, too!

ps: some of you may have seen, in my previous posts, that this is actually book 7 for 2010, but i'd rather not get into the book i read before this one, so i'm going to keep it to myself & keep on with the count.

have you read it?
what did you think?
[any books to recommend
i add to my list of "to read",
please comment them! 
-you can also see my 
virtual book shelf here!]
luvs it*


  1. There is room for you to participate in the Blogger Swap! If you are still interested please email me at: lynzy@fromskirtstoskillets.com with your address and we will get started!

    xo Lynzy

  2. I have read that book and I absolutely love it!!! I read it awhile ago ... a quick read but still satisfying!


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