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my naked fridge.

thank god we MOVED!

I am finally starting to feel at home in this new state now that we are moved into our NEW APARTMENT!!!

i'm so in luv with our new place & i can't wait to decorate it, make it our own, take a million photos & show all of you!

BUT, i need your help!

We have an embarassingly naked fridge that desperately needs some magnets.

i've asked a few friends to send me magnets from where they are (so far, i'm expecting one from London & one from Texas - so random!), but we need more!

If any of you would be willing to send me a super awesome magnet from where you are, i'd be SOO stoked to put it up on my fridge & of COURSE take a photo & post it!

If you're willing to do so, e-mail me at Spankylusit@gmail.com with the subject "naked fridge" & i'll give you my mailing address!

Thank you!!!

luvs it*


  1. oh I am totally getting you a magnet lol :)!!

  2. absolutely an awesome idea!!!!!!!!!!! cute blog! im a new follower♥



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