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the Q

hiya everyone!

I often have a million ideas flittering around in this lil blonde head about things i want to write about, links i want to post, and lists that i want to organize into a full idea.
Basically, my desk at work is covered in little notes with ideas and thoughts... (aka, big hot mess!)
So, i came up with an idea... Sort of "coming attractions"...
This is... 

the "Q"
This will help me stay organized and will also give you a way of contributing to my thoughts and make my posts even better!

What i need from my luvrs* 
Keep an eye out on the Q & if there is anything there that makes your gears turn, e-mail me! Let me know your thoughts before they're even written! (it's like your psychic!)
If you see a post on the Q about a list (like i did the best Duets) you can e-mail it to me with your ideas. I'll give you a shout out on the post.
(Please make sure to include your blog link and your following name in your e-mail so i know who you are!)
i hope that this will help me keep up with a well organized, cohesive blog about everything and nothing, (oxy...moron?)
As a Virgo-Leo cusp baby, my internal battle between chaos & organization has been a massive speed bump my whole life, so, we'll see if this works!

If you have any ideas about things that i should write about, things that you see that make you think of *ME*, questions (& of course, all submissions for Convo Starters & Give Aways) - E-MAIL ME!
You'll see my e-mail address in the top corner of the blog:
Thanks Dolls!
luvs it*

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