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the little things

i luv the little things. sometimes they're better than the biggest, big things.

i realized today that "Super Bowl" could be "Superb Owl" if you move the space... i laughed for 5 minutes. Everyone at work thinks i'm a nut case.

I had to watch a video for work... it was this one
i was listening to 21 Guns while i watched it. The dancers matched up to the song... i smiled. (plus, billie joe armstrong is such a punk hottie)

this pic makes me laugh even if i don't watch "the Landlord"... i can hear her squealing voice in my head.

i'm going to dinner with a friend that i haven't seen in month. i'm very excited to catch up with her over a glass of Pinot Grigio.

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  1. yes it's the small things..I need to learn to focus on those, perhaps I would be a happier person :)....Hope you fully enjoy your dinner..


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