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drink. drank. drunk... stumble down memory lane.

it's that day again. the day before Thanksgiving. All my American blog-ers & -ettes know what THAT means... time to get drunk & see all the people we went to high school with that are home for the holidays....

Like the tradition stands for the past 2 year, JenBunny & I will suit up & stomp out to the local watering holes to squeeze up to the bar, flashy a toothy smile to our b.tender friends & tell them to "keep them coming, no matter what"... Then, drink in hand, we'll turn from the bar & see a sea of people we haven't seen in ages, haven't thought about in ages, or hoped we'd never see again.

i wonder... will the Ex-Duck be there? Wow... now that i think about it, i don't think i ever even talk about him on here. I guess i'll have to give him a cute name... Well, when we were dating, his nickname (from me) was Stinky Face... So i guess, since he's an ex, i'll call him "Stinky Ex-Duck" hahah

So, JenBunny & I will set out with a new mod squad member, GiaPet, newly 21 (awe, she's so cute) & gearing up for her first time out on T.Giving Eve.

what to WEAR?!
  -obviously the most important aspect of the evening. It's f'n cold in the North East, so i can't go scandalicious, plus, i don't want anyone thinking that i went from last years "finished community college & got a job" to "working as a middle class hooker escort". (ew, can u just imagine? the creeper face that sat next to me in Sr. year History corners me & offers me a few bills... UGH i'd vommmm!)
 -i def want to show off that, since last years fat fest, i've dumped the lumps & luv it.
 -Mall w/ GiaPet & Em Butthead Sis Piece should help get some order better than the Chaos that is my room (& the suitcase i'm still kinda living out of - thanks for the loan AmeCakes!)

what to DRINK!?
 -you have to have something to take the edge off, but it's all about pacing yourself after that. one good pregame shot should be perf. but it is a bad idea to wait to get to the bar for that relaxer. inevitably, you'll wait to get up to the bar for so long, that you'll end up already having had 15 awkward small talk convos before the booze even sets in. At that point, you'll be so stressed and annoyed, you'll order 3 shots. That'll make you so silly that the next time you go up, you'll want more &, "a round for the house, while you're at it"... bad news bears for liver & bank account... & for your guilt the next morning while you're snoring off the reunion hangover & mom is running around like a turkey with it's head cut off baking pies. never fun.
 -wine looks classy, but i luv it too much to be fair to myself. i can get real silly after 3 or 4 glasses... but i won't stop.
 -i guess it'll have to be mainly beer. That will protect me from any shot combos, & keep me occupied enough that i won't be sucking down straight gin or vod. eek. i just dread how my tum will fair in the morning. won't be fun!
 -def don't want to get carried out... well... unless...

what to SAY?!?
 -Hey! How ARE you?! Me? I'm good... I still live at home.... Still working for the online company... ya... the one w/ the strippers and clowns... uh huh.... no, i'm not seeing anyone... ya, i'm in school... in california... no, no, I take online classes... what am i going to do with that? umm... i'm not sure... When will i be done? oh... uh, about... 6 years? ya... just in time for my 30th birthday... & just AFTER our 10 year reunion... ya... i'll give you an update next time... maybe i'll invite you to my graduation... ya.... well, cheers... have fun.... thanks for ignoring me in High School.... ::big cheesey smile::
when to LEAVE!?!?!
 -This is always hard... you don't want to get there TOO early, but if you wait too long, you're never getting up to that bar, even if you do make a regular appearance at the bar & happen to text message with BOTH cute bartenders on a daily basis... These things actually make you LESS likely to get a drink, i've found, bc they know you won't get mad at them. They know you'll understand... ugh.
 -Leaving is the biggest problem. inevitbally, you'll be at one bar & the hot guy from Sophomore math will be at the other one. You'll ask someone "who did you see at the other bar" & they'll say his name. So you finish your drink & gather your peeps & rush to the other bar... just to find out "oh, he just went to the OTHER bar" (fuck, good luck, bc you're never gunna get your crowd to venture back up the steep main street hill, probably in the rain, to go back to the same mob so you can see some guy you drooled over when you were supposed to be learning quadratic equations, or... something...)
 -i guess as long as i can make it home walking, or get out of there before i make too much of a fool out of myself...

So, to all of you making this adventure out tonight, good luck. i truely hope that we can all have a blasty & remember the good times, laugh off the bad times & look fuckign hot as hell to make our ex-ducks (or ex-chicks) sweat a little.... BUT DO NOT trust the ex if he says he's single... chances are he is NOT... if he doesn't live in town, he probably thinks he can score some yum while "shes" in her hometown... fuck'n asshole...

Have fun, drink your faces off, have a BoMo (AmeCakes word: Black Out Make Out), brag... but, stay classy "san fransisco".

oh ya... &... try not to vom!

also - i read this HILARIOUS article from The Onion about this very night! i LUVS it... read it. it's a great laugh for anyone! 
luuuuuuuuvs it!

ps: i'd like to send out some *good vibes* to my hunnie-luv NaNa. Her mother isn't feeling well & is having some tests done. Everyone please think positive thoughts for her & her family. we luvs u mama.


  1. Yay! Have heaps of fun! Go for a BoMo!! (I love that word!)

  2. i def vom'd :( lol on ur front steps !! sorry!!!!! damn wine! haha

  3. Aw yes, we attended a "Skanksgiving Eve" celebration at a bar beneath a seedy motel on an avenue known nation wide for it's hookers. So classy.

  4. Glad to see your in better spirits, hope it was a fun night! I'm playing a double header gig tonight, more free booze then I will know what to do with since I am playing in two bands at the same club. Screw the weather here in the North East and don't do anything I wouldn't do this weekend, hahaha!


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