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winner winner chicken dinner!

I promised that the Give-Away wordie word contest thinger would be over & a winner picked on the 8th.
-that was smart dumb of me because i was out of town that day. BUT, i'm back now & i've picked a winner.
All of the entries were awesome
i'd like to give a few honorable mentions (runners up):

To AmeCakes, my luv-tartlet from reality & Listening Around thank you for being the best DAB & keeping the use of Amaze-balls alive. don't ever let me forget to use it. We should probably make a word of the day calendar. project time.

To Conor my Irish boy Fancy-face from Pizza Box, Curmudgeonly is a fantasmic word. it reminds me of that Brad Garret 7-Up commercial (in the states). it's a very good one, & i'm considering getting that shirt for you for X-mas just so i can see pictures of you wearing a shirt that says that around London. we'll talk.

now... for the winner... (drum rolll........)

Miss Mercedes, my luvs guru, boytastic adviser from How to REALLY hold on to your Man, wins this contest!
MM - you win for 2 reasons. Your word was a combo word (5 points!) that you made up, & it's been added to my vocabulary. Any word that i hear & immediately NEED to find a reason to say, is perfectionalistic & it needs to be spread like wild fire.
so my dear, you have won a...

t-shirt! from one-word-tees.com ON ME!
Please e-mail me your mailing address so i can get the order in! you'll also need to let me know what size you'll need!
luvs u, ur ramdiculous self & it*


  1. amaze-balls... I love it!!!!! And speaking of balls.. I mean amazingness, e-mail your addy here, so I can ship u ur stuffy


  2. Awwwww....I'm soooo flattered and excited!!!! I never win these things but if I could have picked one giveaway to win...I think I would have picked one with a Ramdiculous t-shirt!!! :o)

    Thank you so much girlie...I luvs you!


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