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guy time zones...

at the risk of sounding like a DG (dumb girl), i'm going to talk about something that bugs the SHIT out of me...

So, as you all luvies know, i met a total *duck* on Halloween. I tried to play it kool. y'know, met a hot guy, we MO'd like crazy, NBD... but... fuck... it was a big deal.. bc now i keep thinking about him!
like... quaaack!

We closed out the night with him asking for my digits. (score!) but, as i stated in the other post, my damn phone was dead, so i didn't get to get his. (UGH!). So, i've been in this perpetual "don't be a weirdo girl. hopefully he'll call, but if he doesn't, whatever, nbd."
-easier said than done.

i can't help but think that i like this guy. Yes, i'm aware, it was a drunken make out in a bar.. on halloween... i'm not even sure that he'd look at me twice w/o my insanely slutty costume on.

So, now that i've ranted, my issue is...
Why the hell do guys feel like they have to wait so long to contact a chick?
(i really hope that any guy readers don't get offended by my questioning of a "rule" that's older than time, but it's awfully frustrating.)
-this is why we chicks think that we're cra-cra! We start thinking about it too much. It's not like we want you to call us as soon as you wake up the next morning & ask us to move in! PUH-lease! that's the LAST thing that i want, but, why do you feel you need to wait a week to send me a text message saying "what's up?"... i'm not going to think you're in luv with me if you ask me "what's up" 2 days later... y'know?

Girlies: What do YOU think about this? What's your take? Advice?  Stories? Personal Experience? Agrivations?
Doodes: A little help here. Educate me, i'm sure that all the chickies that read this would luv some insight. 

  • What do guys think the reason is to not make contact within a few days of a hook up, date, meeting?
  • Do guys think that chicks are nutso if they contact them first? What's over bearing, what's "hot" initiative?
  • How do us girls let a guy know we've been thinking about them, without falling into that ridiculous "stalker" category? 
  • How the F are we supposed to let a guy know we would like to see them again without feeling like he'll think we're pushy?
  • Should i totally NOT be putting these thoughts out there in the world, in case he happens to read this post?!?! 
    • (ps- H.ween "Street Fighter" Duckie, if you're reading this... you're hot, i had a blasty with you, call me, let's get a corn dog & play duck hunt or something. ya diggg?)

AN INTJ wrote about this subject on Personal Development. It basically restates the thoughts we've all had & the actions we've all performed with this issue... but it didn't really help me much. (sorry)... AN's advice... "don't think about it"... but... as we discussed... -easier said than done, AN!

have you found a blog post about this? Do you hve a story about this? Advice? Comment or e-mail to SpankyLuvsIt@gmail.com. I'll compile a collection of "what to do's".
c'mon luvies... i need input.

luvs it?*


  1. Sadly I do not think I have any input on this.I feel the same way I am full of questions. I would defenietly love to see all the responses you get though.

  2. Me too, c'mon guys!!!! Help us ladies out!!!

  3. Ooohhh! I think I can help! :-) There's a lot to be said about all of this and I can email you or create a post (been having a little writer's block and this has totally sparked my creativity again...lol). Let me know which you prefer...

    Much Love,


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