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last years goals, book worm exchange, & a few other things

The names have been drawn for the 2010 (which i now realize should have been called 2011) blogger book worm 'ganza gift exchange.
if you're signed up for the exchange, please make sure to go & check your draw!

last year, JenBunny posted a bunch of other bloggers goals on her blog. She posted mine, too!
here they are:

1. allow myself time to expand on my skills & creativity
2. live a cleaner life & purge all the clutter
3. maintain my weight
4. be presentable (stop looking like a slob)
5. take my blog to another level

i went back & took a look to see if i held up my word to myself.
at first look, i was surprised that i had been so.... vague? but, thinking about it, i think that i did... most?

1. i have def expanded my skills & creativity. this year i realized that i have many other creative skills than i thought. my etsy shop, twitterpated pretty went from being a "sometimes" hobby, to an everyday obsession that pulled in some pretty good cash!

2. Since i moved from CT to CA, i had to pack all my things into my car, sooo... i'd DEF say that i purged the initial clutter... but... i seem to have a really bad habit of accumulating more. I will make a point to continue with this goal & make sure my new home doesn't end up as cluttered as my old room did. [this will def mean i have to do some "spring" cleaning already!]

3. This one i'll give myself a pat on the back for. This time last year i had dropped about 30lbs from my start weight & was getting closer to my goal weight. In the first few months of 2010 i lost the rest of the weight i wanted to lose & have maintained it! I've lost over 50lbs since my initial start & have been successfully steady at my current weight for over 8 months now! hoooorah!

4. i'm not sure if i've reached this goal. i have a nicer wardrobe, but, most of the time, since i don't have a job, i spend at home, usually in pjs or shorts & a tank. i don't tend to put makeup on if im not going out & my hair, especially since cutting it short, is usually just in a pony tail... i guess i'd say that at home, or the grocery store, or to get the mail... ya, i'm still a slob. Going out, on the rare occasion, i dress up NIIIICE! hahaha

5. well, i took it to another level, just not one that was higher than the last years level. The blog world has gotten away from me in the 2nd half of this year, well, more like the last 3/4 of this year. so, i guess.... for all intents & purposes... i failed this goal... :(

i DID reach my reading goal. i read 16 books this year, which is the most, in one year, i've ever read. that, to me, is awesome, & i'm suuuuper proud of myself. :)

i fly to CT tomorrow. i'm so stoked. Bazinga isnt coming with me, so i'm sad about that, but i can't wait to see my fam & friends!!!

luvs it*


  1. 2,3,5 are on my mind for this year too... happy 2011 :)

  2. You're awesome girl! I miss talking to you...

    Much Love,


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